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GDC: 5 Fab Life Hacks

Today on Good Day Columbus, I share five of my favorite “life hacks”! Keep reading to see these little tips and tricks that’ll make your life easier!


#1 key ring:

  • save fingernails and use staple remover to get open
  • Use as quick fix for zippers that never want to stay up

image-2 image-7









#2 Toilet paper roll:

  • make “cuff” for wrapping paper
  • keep cords untangled and organized

image-4 image-3









#3 muffin pan:

  • for condiment server
  • for taco shell bowl (8 minutes on 350 in the oven!)

image-5 image







#4 use clothes pin while hammering:










#5 Soda pop tab to offset hangers and save space in closet:










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