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Go Green This Season

plantsGreen is in! As we celebrate the arrival of Spring and Summer, the newest “trend” for the season is decorating our homes with some beautiful green plants. Below are five of our favorite plants that not only add a splash of green to your space, but also add a breathe of fresh air – literally!



bamboo palm

Bamboo Palm
Are you dreaming of sandy beaches and sunshine already? Bring some of that wanderlust to your own living room with a bamboo palm! Air-purifying and unique in its appearance, they are usually sold on Amazon or purchasable from local plant shops.



Heartleaf Philodendron Heartleaf Philodendron
Are you feeling the love? So is this plant – with its long and large heart-shaped leaves. Taking care of it is easy, and it’s great decorative piece. However, be cautious because the leaves are toxic to humans and pets if consumed.



Chinese EvergreenChinese Evergreen
Coming in a variety of colors and leaf patterns, this plant is easy to maintain by watering it regularly and keeping it warm.




Money BonsaiMoney Bonsai or Guiana Chestnut
Known for their braided trunks, which are sturdy once the tree matures, they function best in humid environments like the bathroom. Now no one can complain about your bathroom being dull!



Peace Lily Peace Lily
The arrival of freshly bloomed flowers is the ultimate symbol of Spring’s beauty. The peace lily gives your house an eternal Spring with its lovely white flowers. Spruce up your living room up with this “peaceful” flower.



So, stop by your favorite local plant shop and add a little green to your life. We know we’ll be adding some thriving greenery to our space.