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Go With The Flow Bro

Aunt Flow - Coder + Flow BrosIt’s been quite the year for Aunt Flow founder Claire Coder. Since chatting with the 19-year-old earlier this fall, Coder has officially launched her tampon subscription service at the Oct. 20 Period Party, and held two themed events for it: Tamponnukah (Dec. 1) and Flow for Flow (Dec. 4). Coder also teased another event for December, saying she’s “brewing one more for making vag ornaments!” 


And while Cbus Chic was catching up with Coder, we decided it was a good time to ask her about another feature of Aunt Flow – the Flow Bro. We wanted to learn more about the guys who’ve dedicated their time to advocating for feminine hygiene and aren’t afraid to talk about tampons. So Coder connected us with Flow Bro Ray Li, and we asked him all about himself and what led him to Aunt Flow. 


Q: Who is Ray Li? 

I graduated from Cornell University in 2014, studying Applied Physics and minoring in Music. I’m the inventor of SoundSpace, which is a pair of gloves that allow you to play music with your motions.

I’ve been involved with a local startup called Billion, which is a crowdfunding platform where users can vote with their dollars on how to most effectively solve social problems like poverty, water access, etc.

I enjoy street performing, serenading couples (, and making youtube videos (Fishing for People).


Q: How did you meet Claire Coder & get connected with Aunt Flow? 

I met Claire at Startup Weekend, where she originally pitched her idea for Aunt Flow. Initially, her idea was about more environmentally-friendly design of tampon applicators and packaging.

I look back with a smile to think that she was nervous to pitch! I can’t claim the least bit of credit, but I’d like to think I helped encourage her to make sure that she pitched her idea!


Q: What is a Flow Bro? 

A man that cares about women, women’s health, and women’s issues. Especially relating to feminine hygiene and ensuring that all women are able to access the items they need in order to manage their periods hygienically and safely; without compromising their ability to go to work or school or carry about their day in a dignified manner.

A Flow Bro is proud to talk about tampons.


Q: What about Aunt Flow’s mission resonates with you?

Aunt Flow is shedding light on an issue that isn’t talked about, in many ways, because it’s not a comfortable topic of conversation. That’s a shitty reason to not talk about something that matters.


Q: Anything exciting coming up for Aunt Flow and the Flow Bros? 

Whatever Claire has cooking next… I’m excited to continue to participate moving forward.


Aunt Flow - Flow Bro t-shirt You can learn more about Claire Coder, Aunt Flow, and the Flow Bros by visiting them online at And be sure to follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; plus the Aunt Flow YouTube channel (where you can watch Coder’s favorite video featuring Flow Bro Ray Li). And last, but not least, check out Cbus Chic’s feature on Coder and Aunt Flow: “Go With The Flow.”