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Green Meadows Academy

Green Meadows Academy

Leah Kayes is a mother of three who truly believes in the importance of education. So much so, she opened a new school because she wasn’t finding what she wanted for her children’s education elsewhere. Enter, Green Meadows Academy.

Leah Kayes with family at the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony

“Green Meadows Academy is a new concept school and childcare facility that is enrolling infants from 6 weeks through full-time private kindergarten and Olentangy Enrichment Kindergarten,” she says. 

According to Kayes, the school’s curriculum is developed through a higher standard of learning that allows children to learn and develop without being given the answers to everything. Rather, the purpose of the school is to help a child expand upon their natural curiosity and critical thinking skills. 

“I wanted a school that helps ease the transition into the school setting from home for children of every age, whether they started as infants or preschoolers,” she says. “I also wanted to make life easier for parents. I’m a mom of three and I’m in the trenches alongside them.”

Green Meadows Academy fosters creativity and friendship among its children.

Kayes says she spends her days playing and learning alongside children and teachers. “I’ve always been passionate about education and how important the first six years of life are in setting the foundation for all the years to come,” she explains. “I wake up grateful every single morning to have the opportunity to share in the day-to-day of so many children’s lives. It’s a gift that I and my teachers are eternally grateful for.”

At Green Meadows Academy, there are four major parts that make the facility unique: all-inclusive tuition, curriculum, the food program, and the teaching staff. 

The school offers an all-inclusive tuition that gives time back to families in the evening because there’s not much time to prepare for the next school day. Then there’s the curriculum, which provides a rich learning experience while setting the foundation for years of learning ahead of the children. The food program at Green Meadows Academy is comprised of fresh (not canned, jarred, or frozen) healthy and organic meals made from scratch every single day by a culinary-trained chef in the school’s restaurant size and grade kitchen.

Then, there’s the teaching staff, which, according to Kayes, is full of impressive and passionate teachers who connect with each child every single day. “We are a team and we are constantly reflecting on how we can make each new day better than the last,” she explains.

When children arrive at Green Meadows Academy, they are greeted by the smell of food coming from the kitchen, Kayes says. “Think blueberry muffins, pumpkin pancakes, and whole wheat waffles with fresh berries on top,” she adds. “They have lots of time for outside discovery and play on our beautiful playground that’s situated on our turf.”

Inside, Kayes says, classrooms are also carefully curated. “Classrooms are purposefully created as soothing environments without the burden of additional stimulation and lots of natural light,” she explains. “Lining the shelves are the highest-quality, open-ended toys that encourage a child’s natural curiosity and creativity.”

Kayes says they also have indoor gym which is used during inclement weather or when kids need a change of pace from the outdoor space. “Our indoor gym, which we lovingly name The Sunshine Room, is where they are learning yoga poses and breathing or sports skills like football, soccer, and tumbling,” she explains. “We sing songs and read books throughout our days. Friendships are blossoming even in our youngest classrooms and our teachers share in the joy and excitement as each child reaches their next milestone.”

Kayes says that while there are currently some openings available at the school, it is growing quicker than she expected. The school opened in April with 10 enrolled children and only five months later there are nearly 100 children enrolled at Green Meadows Academy ranging in age from 3 months to 6-years-old.
There are a total of six locations planned for Green Meadows Academy. “Lewis Center and Worthington have welcomed us into their communities and we are so excited to open our doors to even more families here in Columbus,” says Kayes.
To learn more about Green Meadows Academy, visit You can also “like” them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

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