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Haven Herbs by Lily Kunning


Lily Kunning has two herbal businesses and focuses on herbal education in the Columbus community.

Lily Kunning is an herbal guru. She owns two herbal businesses: Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist and Haven Herbs. 

Through her self-titled business, she teaches classes, offers wellness consultations, and formulates custom products for her clients to help them feel their best. Haven Herbs is the business through which she sells her mainstream products, such as toothpaste, deodorant, and remedies for common ailments like the flu.

Kunning says she was inspired to launch her business when she moved to Columbus five years ago. “There was no real herbal presence in the city, and there was no herb store,” she says. “So I decided to change that. I’ve always been one to identify a need and try to fill it!”

Kunning’s product list includes herbal remedies to get well, tonics to stay well, and body care for your face, hair, mouth, and body. 

“They are all natural and have sustainably sourced ingredients,” she explains. “I make a safe sunscreen and bug spray for the whole family. My toothpaste and deodorant are very popular, as are my scar serum and eye cream.” 

Some of Kunning’s other popular products include an elderberry syrup called Berry Blast Elixir and Fire Cider, for those cold winter months when many illnesses set in.

Aside from creating products for clients, Kunning also teaches classes and workshops each month. She focuses on DIY, herbalism, essential oils, and holistic healing. “In February and March, I have classes on making tinctures and other extracts, oils, salves and balms, syrups, and I start teaching an intensive 18-month class to teach Columbus’ next generation of community herbalists,” says Kunning.

Kunning’s monthly events feature a variety of topics, but many of them are offered in order to help combat misinformation regarding holistic health. “In my Essential Oils 101 class, you would not believe how much false information is online about how to use them properly,” says Kunning. “My classes exist to empower people to take charge of their health and get the real deal, not a thinly veiled sales pitch.”

Enrollment for Kunning’s classes is limited to 20, so that Kunning has the opportunity to give individual attention to her students and make sure that all questions are answered while helping everyone to feel like they understand the material when they leave.

However, Kunning also does speaking engagements for larger groups, including a presentation she will be giving in March to nurses at Ohio State regarding Essential Oil Safety and Digestive Bitters for Gut and Immune Health.

Kunning says that while it’s easy to find others out there who are working on making herbal products and body care products, none of them are a trained herbalist like she is. When it comes to Haven Herbs, Kunning says that what makes it stand out among other similar businesses is that it is woman-owned and worked-owned, meaning that all those who work for the company also run it and make decisions regarding the business.

To learn more about Kunning’s business ventures, visit or check out her blog.


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