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Havilland Maxwell

Havilland Maxwell is a creative business coach who teaches individuals how to freelance.

“How do I go from working for someone else to running my own business?” It’s a question Havilland Maxwell heard a lot. So much son, she decided to create a course dedicated to teaching individuals how to freelance and navigate the world of entrepreneurship.

Maxwell is a creative business coach, in which her role is to help independent professionals gain more clarity, live with more confidence, and ultimately attract more clients as a successful business owner.

“I started collecting all the questions I received and put together a coaching program not too long after that,” Maxwell says. “From there, I started speaking more and hosting workshops to teach new business owners things like how to master their money mindset, how to network effectively, and how to add positive self-talk to their lives to create a great foundation for the business they’re planning.”

When Maxwell isn’t coaching, she is most likely behind a microphone or camera, she says. “I’ve been a voice actor and on-camera talent for 10 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to lend my voice to hundreds of projects for companies such as MasterCard, Apple, Capital One, Nicorette, United Way and many others,” she explains.

Maxwell says what makes her program unique is that she trains clients in public speaking. “I’ve found that more often than not, a lot of business owners are super shy when it comes to speaking in front of others and worried about how they come across or on camera,” Maxwell says. “My on-camera training comes from broadcast work and acting – so I know how to help them get over their fears of being seen and help them to build their confidence when they are sharing information about their product or service in front of the camera.”

In the future, Maxwell is looking forward to releasing her new book, which is targeted toward freelancers, independent, professionals, and small business owners who are ready to take the next step in business ownership. “It’s a real-talk guide full of encouragement, there are stories that will make you smile, and tips to help you navigate solopreneurship,” Maxwell adds.

To learn more, visit the Havilland Maxwell website or follow her on Instagram or on Facebook.

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