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Hopewell Works

Hopewell Works is a Columbus-based space that serves as a social club for professionals.

Located in the heart of America’s test kitchen of culture is Hopewell Works. Known as a “social club for your professional life,” Hopewell Works is a space that allows you to work, host formal and informal professional events, and end isolation in the workplace, especially for those who work from home. 

Run by Emily Kaplan and Samantha Siman, Hopewell Works features more than 12,000-square-feet of space to entertain, create, collaboration, or celebrate. 

“Our mission is to end isolation through shared experiences,” says Kaplan. “At Hopewell we create opportunities for people to connect, work, and grow. We bring together thoughtful professionals through learning and communal experiences to enable a connected and engaged community.”

“We are driven to create the future we want to live in and are personally and professionally invested in this mission,” adds Siman. “We truly believe that being a member of Hopewell will add value not only to individuals, but will also impact the progress of our society. Success for Hopewell is being a positive and necessary part of the communities in which we live and work to help drive the personal and economic growth.”

Because Siman and Kaplan believe in natural connections, they focus many of the events held at Hopewell on giving people experiences with others who have shared interests, entertainment interests, and values. 

“Meaningful experiences foster business opportunities, better talent acquisitions, and most importantly, sustainable relationships,” says Kaplan.

The two emphasize that Hopewell isn’t a co-working space, a small business advocate, or a startup accelerator. Rather, Hopewell is meant to be a space that gives professionals a place to work, a platform for groups within the professional community to informally and formally convene, a resource for inspiring and educational events to help improve yourself and your business, a uniting force that brings together professionals of all industry and sizes, and a social club for anything from happy hours to intramural softball team recruiting.

What makes Hopewell unique is that it helps to fill a gap in the marketplace for connecting professionals through personal interactions. “Our membership model allows for individuals and corporate entities to engage and join the community at the level appropriate and comfortable for them, giving a bridge to closer partnerships, talents, and even customers,” says Siman.

There are events just around the corner at Hopewell Works, including beer and wine tastings as well as an event on podcasts. To see more upcoming events, click here. And not only can you book the space for working, but the facility can be reserved for large and small group events. To learn more about booking space at Hopewell, click here.

To learn more about Hopewell Works, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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