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Horacio Nieto

Horacio Nieto wants to help women define their personalities through their clothing, and he’s doing just that through his namesake womenswear brand Horacio Nieto. 
The clothing from Horacio Nieto is colorful, tailored, and feminine, and is inspired from the different chapters, geographical locations, and themes in our everyday lives.
“The brand always wants to push itself with new ideas and techniques but still have the esthetic that it is known for,” he adds.
Nieto is the one behind the business and is a design that has extensive experience in the industry.
“I started at small start-up fashion companies, to having my own fashion line,” he says. “I have also worked for large international fashion companies, and my resume covers many areas such as ready-to-wear, evening and formal wear, menswear, and bridal.”
Items offered through the Horacio Nieto line range from custom orders to ready-to-wear, bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and evening gowns.
Nieto says that what makes the collections from Horacio Nieto unique is that they’re all inspired by something personal – and aren’t the cookie cutter designs you’ll find in stores. “They are thought out with every detail from the trims to the fabrics,” he says. “The inspiration for all of the pieces come from researched ideas and convey the story  of the collection.”
There’s a new collection coming out soon from Horacio Nieto, and it aims to be more sustainable while maintaining the esthetic of the brand. “We want to do our part in helping the environment and not create more waste,” he adds.
To learn more about the brand, visit or follow along on Instagram.

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