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How To Win Awards that Boost Your Personal Brand

We all know that there is tremendous value in being an expert. However, it’s not enough anymore just to be an expert. You need proof of your expertise and then you need to share that proof with others.

One way to do that is by applying for relevant awards. Awards give you recognition for you hard work and effort and they can actually make you start holding yourself to a higher standard. What a great personal growth strategy!

When you win an award or are a finalist for a prestigious award, people notice and it becomes a point of differentiation. It’s yet another feather in your cap that will boost your own confidence while increasing your credibility at the same time. Not only that, but how would you like to be introduced as “the award winning Business Coach….” at your next speaking engagement?   Sounds great, right?

Here are few tips that will help you to win your next award:

Do your research

Head over to Google and search for “your industry + awards.” See what pops up. You may be surprised to see what is available for your products and services. You can also go to you local business newspaper or magazine or industry web sites to find if they have awards programs that are relevant to you. Ask others in your network if they know of local award programs. Pay attention to others who win awards. What are they called? Where can you find out more? The Apex Awards, for example, are a great program for those in the communication business. But even if you’re not, can submit a white paper that already have on file for an award, thus providing your paper with another opportunity for publicity. There are thousands of awards programs so be sure to select the most relevant to your business.

Membership Organizations

An organization that you pay an annual or monthly fee may offer an award program. Be sure to review your benefits or association offerings to see if they offer an award program.

Your Entry

Keep in mind that judges for awards programs sift through many applications so make sure yours stands out. This is no time to be shy. Highlight your big accomplishments. Shine a light on the remarkable results you get for your clients and customers or services you provide. Be succinct in how you position yourself for the award. Showcase why your accomplishments position you as a clear winner of the award. Include objective results and measurements if applicable.

Get Prepared

Some awards for business require you to show your commitment to your community. Keep a list of your volunteer activities and organizations you regularly support financially. If you have thank you notes, email or letters from those organizations, keep those on hand in case they can help support your application.

Follow the Application Directions

I know this seems obvious, but not everyone follows the directions. I was once a judge for an award program and if applicants did not follow the instructions, they weren’t considered. For example, if they specifically request for no samples to be sent, don’t send samples as an “added value” to your application. It will not help you been seen in a favorable light. If you have missed the deadline, don’t bother sending in your application. Rather, note the next deadline and mark it on your calendar for next year.

Follow Up, If Applicable

If they offer you time slots to present your application, by all means, take the opportunity to do so! It will show them your enthusiasm for your work and interest in winning the award.

Promote Your Awards

Once you win an award or become a finalist, promote your accomplishment and recognition! Proudly display the award logo on your web site, frame the award and put it in your office, tell your enewsletter subscribers, mention it in social media, add it to your bio and press kit, mention it in your next proposal, invite clients to attend the award ceremony, and send out a press release. It’s not enough just to have the award, you must promote it as well!

It’s worth mentioning that many awards have an entry fee. Paying it does not mean that you automatically win the award. Do your due diligence by looking at past winners, determine what made them stand out and how you can use that to increase your chances of winning.

Adding awards to your personal branding activities is a fantastic way to stand out. People like to be associated with a winners or people “on the fast track.”

So, what award will you apply for next?  

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