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It’s a Piece of Chic

Erika & EricaHaving had enough of the “experts” like celebrity doctors, trainers and stylists offering up advice on blogs that Erika Dellatorre and Erica Zurmehly saw as being driven more by ad content (and its dollars), the duo had an idea. In January 2012, they launched – an online fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog for women who want to be the best version of themselves.


The inspiration for the blog came from the two of them sitting around and thinking about what they did in their day-to-day to stay healthy, balanced, and well-styled. Dellatorre said, “We thought: we are real girls with real style, out here trying to do our best and if it works for us, it might work for someone else out there too!”


These two Midwest mavens, Dellatorre from Chicago and Zurmehly from Columbus, might differ on some things like their styles or guilty pleasures, but they definitely agree on one thing – maxi skirts.


insightly new year chic publicationBut really, the one thing they most agree on is the blog’s mission and dedication to women. They believe it’s important to take time for oneself. “Because when you look and feel good – you DO good!”


Sharing their ideas and tips is an essential part of Piece of Chic, but it’s the readers that are the really exciting part for Dellatorre and Zurmehly. “It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that there are ladies out there who actually take time out of their busy days to read what we have to say,” said Dellatorre. They love learning and connecting with their readers too and some have even become real-life friends.


FullSizeRender copySo far, the blog has been a fun and exciting hobby for the two, as they both have full-time careers, which makes their stylish lives very busy! But Dellatorre says the key to life is moderation. She said her favorite piece of advice is, ““you can do anything, but not everything.” It’s best to keep yourself informed, pick your battles, and try your best. Because if you do, then “you’re golden!”


And by following her own advice, Piece of Chic has been making great strides. The blog is growing and they’ve been able to work with brands like C. Wonder, Saks Fifth Ave., and Gilt. And as they both spend more and more time on the blog and being strategic about the brands they collaborate with and feature, exciting things are poised to happen soon for the duo and Piece of Chic.


You can always reach the Chic Chicks through their site or find them on Instagram at @TheChicChicks.