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It’s All About The Dough


When Perrie Wilkof was studying Fashion Theory at Hampshire College, she was drawn to the vintage aesthetics, primarily the 1930’s and 40’s. Wilkof says, “I was looking at a lot of imagery from that time. I loved the way that food looked and I was fascinated by Americana, so I guess that’s why I was initially drawn to Pie.”


And it was that love of pie that led to Wilkof opening Dough Mama Pie & Pastry. Dough Mama is a bakery that specializes in pie, both sweet and savory, entirely made from scratch.  Their aim is to bring new and exciting flavor combinations, elevating and modernizing the classic american treat.



Wilkof recalled how, after moving back from New York, she started sharing her creative confections with Columbus. “My friend had a stand at the Columbus Flea, and asked me to share it with her and sell some pie and cookies, and from there it took off,” she recalls.


And since she’s been selling so much, expanding into a brick and mortar was the inevitable next step. The new storefront, located along High Street in Clintonville, means more than just a permanent place for pies. Dough Mama will be branching out beyond pie. They’re bringing their flavor philosophy to biscuits, cookies, breakfast pastries, salads, and sandwiches!


“We aim to make every eating experience engaging, inspiring, and unique, a bite of all consuming joy!” Wilkof says.


And while fall’s staple is the traditional apple and pumpkin pie, Cbus Chic asked Wilkof what other pies are perfect to serve this season:

unnamed“Our maple bourbon pecan chocolate pie is incredibly delicious stick-to-your-bones Autumn fare.  It’s very rich and the flavors are warm and comforting.

My three other favorites – which we only make in the fall and winter – are our ginger pear crumble, which is spicy and sweet and delicious served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, our Orange Chocolate cream pie which always reminds me of those breakable chocolate oranges I would receive in my stocking every christmas, and one of my absolute favorite pies that we make, a roasted sweet potato pie, which is sweetened with maple syrup and is spicy and creamy, not too rich but provides a more complex depth of flavor than a traditional pumpkin.”


But the biggest step for Dough Mama is the opening of their brick and mortar cafe and bakery in Clintonville this October. They’ll be serving breakfast and lunch, as well as an array of pastry, and of course tons of pie, both sweet and savory.


So keep an eye out for the grand opening and to learn more about Perrie Wilkof and Dough Mama, visit them online at And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @dough_mama.