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It’s All Rosy With Blush And Blooms

Maggie Tate, Blush and BloomsNew York City might be Maggie Tate’s favorite city, but Columbus is where she grew up and lives. And you can see her all over the “Arch City” on her blog, Blush and Blooms.


Maggie is the creator and founder of Blush and Blooms, a fashion and lifestyle blog. It’s a source of inspiration and an outlet to share all of the things that she fancies.


“My hope is to inspire and connect with people through documenting my experiences, current obsessions, and love of life,” Maggie says.


On the blog, Maggie covers everything from fashion finds and styling, how to’s, health and fitness tips, interior decor ideas, travel guides, and life experiences.


Maggie has always had the itch to blog. Blush and Blooms is her 3rd blog, and as she says, “I’ve been dipping my toe into the blogosphere for quite a while.”


Blogging, from the beginning, has always felt like the right fit for Maggie. She says, “I am into photography, love to write, and am absolutely obsessed with fashion and sharing experiences. It always made sense to me that this [blogging] was what I was meant to do.”


Maggie adds, “I am so glad I finally got the courage and took the risk to put it out there! It truly is one of the best things I have done in my life.”


And since Maggie (and Blush and Blooms) is all about fashion and style, we asked what her favorite trends were for summer. “My favorite trends this summer are the off the shoulder and cold shoulder look,” she says.


She also tells us how she finds herself continuously searching for a great top or dress to wear. “The style this spring and summer is romantic and has a feminine feel with lots of ruffles, blush, florals, and flowy dresses that I absolutely love and adore,” she adds.


Check out more of Maggie and Blush and Blooms by visiting her blog. You can read all about her latest post, which is part of a series she does, showcasing the top 10 picks of a certain silhouette, item, color, etc. “It’s a quick and easy way to scroll through options that I feel are what most people want to look for,” Maggie explains.


Visit Blush and Blooms online at And be sure to follow Maggie and her blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to catch all her latest fashion insights and inspiration.