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It’s All A Juggling App

Juggle started with an idea that one mom shared with her sister and their two best friends .. who also happened to be sisters too. 

“She was having trouble finding convenient, trustworthy and affordable childcare after returning to work following maternity leave,” shares Amber Nolan, Chief Recruiting Officer for Juggle. 


It was a pain point they all shared, recalls Nolan. So, they put their heads together to come up with a way to do things better. They put together everything they’d want out of a service into a convenient app model, and bet on the fact that other families would need it as much as they did.

Annie Arthur, Amber Nolan, Ashlee Giannetti, Emily Music

 Annie Arthur (Chief Executive Officer), along with Amber Nolan, Ashlee Giannetti (Chief Operations Officer), and Emily Music (Chief Communications Officer) are the four founders of Juggle. 


These four founders wanted an app that helps busy families live their best lives. Which is one of the reasons why each sitter is interviewed and “mom-approved.”


Nolan says other apps and sites allow anyone to add a profile. Whereas, “our sitters are almost exclusively college students and recent grads; they are a cut above those found on other sites because they’re educated, energetic and experienced.”  


She explains that users can see who their social media connections have used and read their reviews, acting as an instant friend referral.


They also have expanded services, like pet sitting and party assistance. “And soon we’ll expand to include tutoring and private sports instruction,” Nolan adds.


As of right now, every family user is required to have a referral code to download the app. According to Nolan, this helps to ensure the security of the sitters. “Sitters are able to read reviews of families, and no other app does that. We feel that they should have information to help them make an informed choice as well,” she shares.


Most importantly, Nolan says Juggle strives to make every user’s experience positive. They’e on-call everyday, 24 hours a day, to help in case a sitter has canceled, if someone has issues with the app … whatever sort of customer service issue comes up, there is someone local that they can turn to.  


That’s the reason why Juggle created both family and sitter Facebook pages in each market. These FB pages give users direct access to their market consultants, and each other. “Our hope is that this provides a sense of community among our sitters and users, alike,” shares Nolan. 


For parents interested in using Juggle to make their lives easier, you can download the app through the App Store (with Android version coming soon). From there:

  • Create a profile
    • the app saves information like your address, information about your kids, routines, emergency contact info, etc. (whatever a family feels is important to share with someone caring for their children and pets). 
  • Upload a credit card
    • all payments go through the app, no more last minute trips to the ATM!  
  • After that, you’re ready to look, book and pay


Once you choose a sitter for the date needed, you’re provided with contact information. The sitter then shows up at the designated time and once the sit is complete, the family is prompted to review and pay the sitter right in the app.  


You can learn more about Juggle by visiting them online at And be sure to follow them on Facebook. Juggle also loves contests and promotions, and is involved in various fundraisers throughout the year, providing free babysitting and discounted services. So keep an eye out for Juggle IRL.   


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