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Finger Licking Good

Painting your nails can be a fun time. And it can be especially fun to paint your kids’s nails in all the array of colors. But do you what’s not fun? When your kids put those freshly painted nails in their mouth … and all you can think is how unhealthy that polish is for them to “eat.” 

But that’s the exact reason Audrey Amara and her husband Josh decided to create their own line of (kid-friendly) edible nail polish. 

Read on to learn how they started Kid Licks: the world’s first and only edible nail polish. 

Audrey Amara (along with her husband Josh) is the co-founder of Kid Licks Edible, Organic Nail Polish. As the world’s first and only edible nail polish, they started the company a few years ago after many months of developing the polish and testing out sales methods.


The idea for their line of edible polish came from when their oldest daughter was little, she would see Amara painting her nails. “And of course wanted to do the same by herself,” Amara shares.


“This got me really thinking about the disgusting chemicals they use to make nail polishes,” Amara explains. Adding, “I thought that edible nail polish was the only nail polish I would let my daughter use because everything ended up in her mouth. I also didn’t want her breathing in nasty fumes.”


Amara came up with the name Kid Licks and after months and months of experimenting in the kitchen, and after she and her husband came up with a recipe for our edible nail polish that they were satisfied with.


They started selling Kid Licks a couple years ago in the US and became international shortly after. Currently, they’re reformulating the ingredients so that Kid Licks has a longer shelf life.


“So hopefully in the next couple months we will be in stock again and have lots of new colors,” Amara teases. And those new colors will be welcome additions to two of their most popular colors: pink and red.


You can learn more about Kid Licks and keep up-to-date on when they’re back in stock by visiting them online at And be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@kidlicks), and Instagram (@kidlicksreal).




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