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La Petite Penderie Inc.

La Petite Penderie Inc sells high-quality women’s clothing. Image: JLaJ Photography

Courtney Andre is living a passion that dates back many generations in her family. The entrepreneur is the owner behind La Petite Penderie Inc, which means “the little clothes closet” in French. 

“La Petite Penderie is designed to be a place that women of all ages can find something timeless, unique, and completely “‘them,'” says Andre. “And they can wear it for years to come.”

The passion and inspiration for La Petite Penderie comes from Andre’s grandparents – who always told her that she can do anything she wants. 

Andre says the idea of owning, building, and living her passion while helping others has been a motto in her family for as long as she can remember. 

“When I found the business I loved, it never left me,” she says. “I love styling and helping women feel their best.”

La Petite Penderie sells handpicked, high-quality pieces that are unique. To ensure that the items she sells aren’t found on everyone around town, Andre receives between 3-6 sizes for most pieces. 

“Some of my pieces are for your everyday wear and every athleisure wear, some could be for special occasion, but all are made with fit and fabrics in mind,” says Andre. 

She wants people of every body type to feel comfortable in her pieces. As a CrossFit coach and weightlifter, Andre says she’s very conscious of items that stretch for curves but that also have a distinctive but timeless feature. 

“I carry a basics line with pima cotton, a denim line, a preppy-chic line, an ageless, everyday line, and will be carrying a brane new line called Week&,” she says. 

Prices for items from La Petite Penderie range from $28 to $100, but the average price is between $45 and $70. 

Andre prides herself and her business on carrying lines that are of high quality and stamina, and lines that make women feel their best. 

“La Petite Penderie Inc. is unique because of its history, start, and the handpicked aspect,” says Andre. “You won’t find anything in the store that was purchased in a bundle or without having a discussion with a representative for the vendor first. I always keep my customers in mind first and ask how they would want to fill their little closets before I purchase anything. It’s that extra attention to detail and honesty in making women feel good that drives the business.”

You can find La Petite Penderie at upcoming Cbus Chic events, including the Healthy Happy Hour coming up May 16. If you’re planning a girls night or other fun event, you can schedule a trunk show, where the hostess always gets 15 percent off. 

Andre says that for now she will continue to work on making her part-time venture a full-time business.

To learn more about  La Petite Penderie Inc, check them out on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact Andre directly at or at 419-262-6221.

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