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Luxe and Lemons

Katherine Rumley knows that cooking a healthy, nutritious meal isn’t always possible. There aren’t always enough hours in the day to finish our daily tasks, and adding healthy eating on top of it may not be an option for some. 
That’s why she launched Luxe and Lemons, a woman-owned, meal delivery service local to Columbus. 
“Luxe and Lemons exists to provide people with the tools to make positive and lasting change,” she explains. “We do this by creating nutrient-dense, exciting, ready-to-eat meals. And also by providing inspiration, information, and community that challenge our audience to reach for a better version of themselves every day.”
Rumley says she was inspired to start Luxe and Lemons after her own experiences with nutrition and diet. 
“After a lifetime of struggling with yo-yo dieting and the emotional ups and downs associated with it, I started crafting healthy versions of my favorite meals that were usually the culprit to getting me off track,” she says. “I realized the key in sticking to a healthy lifestyle is being excited about what’s on your plate. Having tacos, pasta, enchilada, even brownies, was essential to sticking to a balanced lifestyle. By crafting recipes that swapped out the junk for whole nourishing foods, I was able to create enchiladas that have you craving more, but also nourish your body, leaving you feeling amazing.”
At the time when she launched Luxe and Lemons, Rumley says that most meal delivery services at the time were only offering baked chicken, bland brown rice, and steamed vegetables. That’s when she knew there was a void she could fill in the industry, so she opened Luxe and Lemons in 2018. 
“In less than 2 years, Luxe and Lemons has grown over 800% and doesn’t plan to stop there,” adds Rumley. 
There are 25 people who comprise the Luxe and Lemons team, including an all-star cook team, Chefs, an in-house nutritionist, an on-staff health coach, a marketing and social media team, and delivery drivers. 
“Our team is the root of it all,” she says. “We are constantly thinking of what’s best for our future. We believe that you can achieve anything if you are focused, hard-working, and have a roadmap.”
When it comes to the menu at Luxe and Lemons, Rumley says there’s anything and everything on it. Favorites on the menu include Pad Thai, Animal Style Burger, Chicken Verde Enchiladas, Lasagna, and their famous Pumpkin bars.
“Our menu changes weekly and offers lots of variety to make sure you are never bored,” she adds. 
The order window for Luxe and Lemons is Friday through Thursday at midnight. That’s when customers can choose what they’d like to order for the following week from the website. Checkout must be done by Thursday at midnight and meals arrive on your doorstep on Sunday evening. Rumley says that there is no subscription or commitment required to order from Luxe and Lemons.
Rumley says that what makes Luxe and Lemons unique is that they are pioneers in the local meal delivery space that nailed down providing healthy versions of classic “cheat meals.” 
“Juicy burgers, creamy pastas, fudge brownies, you name it, we have a healthy and nourishing version waiting to trick your taste buds, and leave you feeling unstoppable,” she says. 
The horizon is looking bright for Luxe and Lemons, as they are currently planning for a major expansion later this year while also launching a new website with added value to the customer experience. 
To learn more about Luxe and Lemons, visit or follow along on Instagram.

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