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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

February_Issue-20As a native central Ohioan, Nicci Sprouse has always been connecting with people, building rapport, and establishing relationships. She took those skills, along with an intuitive nature and being a natural connector, to become an entrepreneur in the relationship industry.


After interviewing hundreds of singles for over six years, she started noticing some patterns in their stories. She realized it wasn’t easy for singles that were looking to match their ambition, awareness, and emotional availability. And she wanted to help.


Sprouse started A-List Introductions, a high-end personalized introduction service. Through the service, successful singles enjoy an offline method for meeting other commitment-minded singles. Sprouse helps make these connections through her own unique methodology.


“My methodology incorporates emotional intelligence; it’s meticulous, measurable, and produces only the best potential matches for my clients. My sophisticated search algorithms, in addition to screening and hand-selecting each customized introduction, are part of the personalization that sets my service apart.”


InsightlyThat’s also why A-List offers two programs: the exclusive A-List Client program and the Affiliate program, The Perfect Match. Both services are entirely confidential, customized, and offline. Nicci and A-List also have two upcoming exclusive events.


The first event is reminiscent of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. In partnership with Worthington Jewelers, the women-only event will be Feb. 12 from 7-9PM, with the goal of finding a perfect match for three of Columbus’ most eligible bachelors. The ladies chosen for these three bachelors will then meet for a blind date on Valentine’s Day.


The second event will be March 13. A-List Introductions is partnering with the Columbus Blue Jackets for a co-ed mixer with a VIP pre-game happy hour in the Blue Jackets’ exclusive Founders Club.
Attendees will then enjoy mingling and mixing while they watch the game in the Sky Terrace.


Both events will let singles meet, greet, and potentially find love. Most importantly, as Sprouse says, “being aware, present in the moment with a positive attitude is essential when navigating the world of dating/relationships.”


For more on Sprouse, A-List Introductions, and their events, visit them online at and on Facebook.