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Meet 614 Mom

unnamed-2 copy 3Eryn Gilson is the voice behind 614 Mom – a blog whose main focus is on the MOM. She says, “As moms we are a little bit of everything – mother, woman, wife/girlfriend…human, and I think it’s sometimes easy to forget about yourself in this busy world.”


After following a lot of blogs (some local and some not) for awhile, Eryn saw that they were either only focused on the kids or only focused on the woman.  She wanted to bring those two together to create a space for moms who love to do it all.


So Eryn created 614 Mom, a blog that’s a mixture of things to do with or without your kids. “I want moms – or anyone-  to be able to come to my blog to get inspiration for their weekend plans with the kids, and while there be able to get a great idea for date night,” she explains.


And that combination is exactly what you get when you visit her blog. Eryn is passionate about Columbus, supporting local businesses, trying new things, family, and laughing a lot. She’s a fashion addict and lover of fine art – and her two beautiful kiddos inspire her everyday.


Eryn adds, “My husband is my biggest supporter and I like to date him, so you will see lots of date ideas nights on Instagram.”


Erin’s family and husband do make frequent appearances on her blog and social media. Just check out her latest post was on her and her (NOW!) husband’s rehearsal dinner at Land Grant Brewery. “Which by the way is an amazing place,” Eryn says.


Learn more about Eryn and follow her adventures by visiting her blog at And be sure to catch more of the action by checking out 614 Mom on Facebook and Instagram: