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Meet PAI Yoga and Fitness

Chan Hemintranont

Chan Hemintranont’s interest in fitness began at a young age, and that passion for fitness continued after she moved to the US for college and landed her fist post-MBA job. Despite the demanding work hours and extensive travels, she was committed to staying active and living a healthy lifestyle.


“My life was vibrant for a late 20’s woman… However, I had a sense that something important was missing. I didn’t know what it was,” Chan recalled.


During a month-long visit home in late 2007, she took a retreat up north to the quaint, riverside town of PAI, located in Thailand’s most mountainous province, Mae Hong Son. It was there, in PAI, where she learned to appreciate the simplicity of community and people.


In April 2009, she took my first yoga class with Tammy Lyons at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio in Cleveland. “I felt so magically alive and was hooked,” Chan said. She registered for yoga training and was determined to open her own practice.


“Though I started yoga as an alternative fitness routine and as a type of physical therapy, I soon realized that those were not the only reasons that kept me returning to my mat. The more I practiced, the more I felt a new sense of being; of completeness. After several months of training, I started to see the purpose for all bits and pieces presented in the past couple of years,” Chan said.


And on 17th, 2010, she took her leap of faith and started PAI Yoga & Fitness. She opened their first location in a space that is now PAI Dublin Fitness Studio. Gaining popularity throughout the community, they made their first expansion by moving the yoga studio to its own space in February 2012. The Gahanna/New Albany yoga and fitness center location recently opened in February of this year.


And if you’re ready to get fit for fall, PAI the place. September is friends of PAI month.  If you workout at PAI, you can bring-in a friend for 1 FREE class.  This one free class is for Brand new guests or for those who haven’t been to PAI within the last 3 months. It’s good for Yoga and/or Fitness classes at PAI Dublin or Gahanna. To redeem, click here and use promo code: PAI-friends.


Also, the 2nd PAI Travel will take place in 2016. They’ll be heading to Bali on September 12-24, 2016. This trip offers way more than a yoga retreat – it will be a trip of lifetime with memories that will last a lifetime. Registration opens on September 1, 2015 (and space is limited to only 14 people).


You can learn more about Chan and PAI Yoga & Fintess by visiting them online  And be sure to Like them on Facebook, where you can also receive the latest updates at PAI studios or PAI in the community.