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Megan Shroy, Approach Marketing

Megan Shroy is the founder of Columbus-based Approach Marketing.

The future is digital and that’s what you get at Megan Shroy’s Approach Marketing, a Columbus-based virtual public relations and marketing firm.

Megan started out her PR career working at some of the biggest agencies in Chicago and Columbus. She enjoyed the fast-paced style that you get working in an agency, but also saw the lows that came along with the Great Recession when clients started to walk away from those same agencies. 

“They still needed quality PR and marketing support, but were no longer able to afford big agency fees,” says Shroy. “At the same time, I realized I was at a point where I needed more control over my work-life balance. As a young professional, it was no big deal to work long hours with extensive travel, but wanting to start a family, I knew that was not sustainable.”

Wanting control over her own life inspired Shroy to launch a new kind of agency, with the goal of providing big agency, quality marketing support to clients without the overhead, and allow the employees she brings in to enjoy a new level of balance between their professional and personal lives.

In the 9 years that it’s been in business, Approach Marketing has nearly doubled in size each year.

“Because of the value I place on work-life balance, I have attracted top, senior-level PR and marketing professionals to my team, many of them working mothers looking for a level of flexibility not offered at traditional agencies. As a result, clients benefit from these senior-level account managers executing and delivering quality, measurable PR and marketing services. My work mantra is ‘live and die by ROI,’ and I am passionate about showing clients that marketing is measurable.”

Shroy’s role at Approach Marketing requires her to oversee all aspects of the agency as well as new business development. “I love meeting with other business owners to talk about their marketing challenges and help them find solutions that will help them reach their business goals,” she says. “I also work closely with Liz Woerth, Head of Talent, and Sarah Ann Harris, Head of Accounts, to ensure team members are reaching their fullest potential and clients are receiving quality work with measurable results.”

Although she is dedicated to her professional life, Shroy is also dedicated to her personal life, where she is a mom of three. 

“They are what drives me to continue to hustle and grow Approach Marketing, and be an example to them about how moms (and dads) can have successful, fulfilling careers without having to completely sacrifice time with family or outside interests,” she says. “It is possible to have a big job and be a great mom!”

To learn more about Approach Marketing, visit, or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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