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Mercy Bracelets for Haiti

Read about a Cedarville University junior who launched a cause to help fund the construction of a hospital in Haiti.

Hannah Lamarco, a student at Cedarville University, launched Mercy Bracelets as a junior in college nearly a year ago. 

“Mercy Bracelets is an online shop that sells bracelets to raise awareness and money for a hospital that is being built in Les Cayes, Haiti,” says Lamarco. 

“I started the business a month after I came back from a mission trip I took with the university,” she explains. “Our project on this trip was to help build Mercy Hospital. I fell in love with the ministry and the people while I was there.”

Once she returned to the United States Lamarco says she felt obligated to connect more people with the ministry.”

That’s when she had the idea to sell bracelets and help others get connected with the same cause she was invested in. 

Mercy Bracelets go to help with building a hospital in Haiti.

“The bracelets are prayer reminders for people to pray for the ministry while they wear the bracelet,” she says. “With every bracelet, customers also get a prayer card with the name of a Haitian child who is waiting for the hospital to be built. This give everyone specific names to be praying for.”

Proceeds from the bracelets as well as donations go to the hospital. Lamarco says that so far she has raised over $11,000 for the hospital just this year. 

For every bracelet purchased, $5 goes directly to help build the hospital. “This goes to buying bricks and other supplies that the hospital needs to be built,” says Lamarco. “This directly benefits the community of Les Cayes not only by providing jobs for builders, but it gives the community a cause that they are supporting that will benefit them in the end.”

Lamarco says that Mercy Bracelets doesn’t just sell bracelets. “Our cause is greater than ourselves, and we give our audience the opportunity to be a part of this cause, too,” she says. “We invite people to become a part of the Mercy Team not by just buying a bracelet, but by praying for these people in Haiti. And we give you specific people to be connected to through prayer.”

The mission behind Mercy Bracelets isn’t just about the beads themselves but the hearts of the people buying the bracelets and those who benefit from their sales. “This hospital has affected so many people’s lives already, and we can’t wait to see everything it is going to do when it is fully operating,” she adds.

You can purchase bracelets at or visit The Farm Table in Grove City. Lamarco says that anyone who owns a boutique and would like to sell Mercy Bracelets can reach out to do wholesale at To follow along with the mission behind Mercy Bracelets, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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