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MMELO is a sweets confectionary featuring a range of delectable products from pastries to chocolate and coffee.

Michelle Allen and her husband Paul Freeth spent 12 years living in Barcelona, Spain. They spent much of their time at eateries that featured an eclectic range of pastries, chocolates, baked goods, cakes, and coffees.

“You could roll up, meet people without any specific criteria for what you wanted but know there was something special there to dive into,” says Freeth. “People had no problem understanding what they ‘do.’ they were a chocolatier, or bakery specifically, they were connecting things and you went there for how they did that. We love that model – that and eating outdoors often where food becomes part of the world around you.”

So when the couple returned to Ohio, they decided to launch that concept here in Columbus, with MMELO – pronounced mellow. 

“MMELO is a small family run and owned startup confectioners and cafe space dedicated to a passion for sweet treats, flavors, and doing something thoughtful and creative,” says Freeth. “We have a child-like curiosity about how things are made, and serve up the fruits of that exploration with great locally roasted coffee to the good people of Columbus.”

Freeth says the family affair is an attempt to carve something out of nothing and bring different cultural references and experiences to the table – literally. “We’re hoping to create a community around the simple joy of eating great food together, sharing time, and enjoying something decadent and beautiful with a friend or loved one,” he adds.

Michelle, Freeth says, is a Columbus native and self-taught confectioner with an entrepreneurial spirit. She also has an insatiable passion for food design.

“Her commitment to ingredients, and process coupled with a vision for the brand and business experience are the heart that drives MMELO,” says Freeth. “She balances conceiving all the recipes, daily kitchen work with her small crew whilst juggling management and business development.”

Meanwhile, Freeth is behind the visual and branding elements of MMELO. From identity, packaging, the photography, graphic design, website, social media, and designing the stores, he handles it all. 

Much of what helps MMELO stand out, besides its unique concept, is that Freeth and his wife want to make the experience of eating to be special. “We eat first with our eyes, then with our hands, and often savor flavors with our eyes closed. So it’s a combination of things: flavor profiles, the selection, the expressive colors, presentation and for some its specifically the ingredients,” says Freeth. “Folks appreciate that we are normal people, working to give birth to something we believe in within the local community.”

For those searching for Valentine’s Day gifts, MMELO will be selling boxes and baskets that range from $25 up to $80, as well as single items from around $7. There will be four new heart bars, rose and mint chocolate dipped meringues, hot chocolate spheres with marshmmelo center, and cocoa. “We’re also doing chocolate thimbles with ganache centers and meringue tops, four types of custom painted chocolate tea cakes, and port wine and strawberry vegan jellies,” says Freeth. “There’s lots of fun stuff.”


If you can’t make it to the downtown store or to the MMELO pop-ups, you can also order via Grub Hug, Uber Eats, and Postmates. They can also ship products through winter and early spring, and for die hard fans, Freeth says they will do refrigerated delivery through the summer months.

Freeth says that 2018 will focus on helping Columbus residents know that MMELO is around. They hope to spread the word about the store more proactively, connect with the community, and build a regular client base. 

They also plan to do pop-ups across town while work with individuals who want to bring MMELO treats to special events and weddings. As far as production goes, Freeth says that they’re currently researching different forms and mould making techniques and packaging so that they can develop a wider range of unique products and customization options. “We enjoy brainstorming a lot,” he adds.

To learn more about MMELO, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and “like” them on Facebook. There are a couple of store locations that you can visit, including the downtown store and cafe on Vine Street at the corner of Nth Wall at 445 N. High Street. There’s also an Easton pop-up open until March located at 3195 Easter Square Place East, next to Brio in the old Lush space.

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