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Namaste Nail Sanctuary

Namaste Nail Sanctuary offers a meditation-based nail experience.

Stephanie Young wants her clients to be able to unplug, disconnect, and relax – that’s why she is behind the first-ever meditation and relaxation nail spa in Columbus. 

“In today’s world, everyone has the problem of disconnecting,” she says. “Self-care is the best care and so at Namaste we want you to have your nails done all while relaxing in a quiet retreat. The nail industry needs turned upside down and we want to be disruptive in this industry and allow an amazing experience.”

Originally founded by Michael and Mecca Elliot, Namaste Nail Sanctuary offers nearly every nail service you may need. 

“Our traditional polish lines are vegan and cruelty free as well,” she adds. “We offer membership plans for nails to help you save money and you can use your membership at any Namaste Nail Sanctuary nationwide.”

Young says that what makes Namaste Nail Sanctuary unique is that the facility uses hospital grade sanitation and single-use items such as buffers, files, etc. 

“Our Sanctuary really attends to the 5 senses,” she says. “You will be greeted in a very clean, visually appealing area where we burn white sage and essential oils throughout the day that help eliminate the ‘nail salon smell.'”

Customers can also choose a drink, noise cancelling headphones, and light therapy goggles that help direct you through a guided meditation journey while your nails are being done.

Young says that there will be approximately 5 more Namaste Nail Sanctuaries coming to the Columbus area, with four already open.

For now, Namaste Nail Sanctuary is located in the Fresh Thyme Market Plaza in Westerville next to Simply Rolled Ice Cream at 671 Worthington Road.

To learn more, visit or follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

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