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Meet Nina’s Village Apiary

Beekeeper-2After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology, Nina Bagley moved to Columbus in 1998. Now, Bagley teaches pattern making and Fashion designing at the Village Academy in Powell and Columbus Cultural Arts Center. However, when she first moved Columbus, she was alarmed at the lack of bees in the area. “I didn’t see many bees like I did when I was growing up,” explains Bagley.


Before long, she was looking into what exactly was happening to the bees. Disturbingly enough, she discovered that pesticides, diseases, and the loss of natural forging area was killing off the bees.


“I thought I could play a part in helping the bees out, by placing a hive in my backyard to pollinate my neighbors gardens as well as German Village,” says Bagley.


She became so passionate about the bees that she began taking beekeeping classes and eventually opened her own beekeeping service. “I worked with a master beekeeper for seven years who trained me in raising queens amongst the other bee knowledge he had,” Bagley recalls.


Her business grew, and she established a customer base of other beekeepers in the area that were in need of queen bees. And another upside to bee keeping, aside from providing other bee colonies? Honey. Bagley sells the bees’ honey at local farmers markets.



She also takes care of the bees at the Frank Fetch Park in German Village and oversees the Franklin Park Conservatory Apiary. And if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she coordinates the Bee Pavilion (along with the help of volunteers) at The Ohio State Fair, as part of a week long event of educating people on bees that’s put on by The Ohio State Beekeepers Association.


The event is all about learning how amazing and gentle bees are. For example, the event features a Live Bee Beard Shows where bees cover someone’s face – like a beard. The show demonstrates to the public just how friendly bees can be. Bagley encourages readers to attend the event to learn more about honey bees and how we can all coexist living in the city with them.


To learn more Nina Bagley, her bees, and Nina’s Village Apiary, visit her online at And mark your calendars for The Ohio State Fair Beekeepers event, held his year on August 2- 9, from 9AM-7PM.