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No Need To Bug Out

DSC_8211Bryn Sowash grew up in a family of creative professionals and naturally found herself in the arts industry as a music director, theatre educator, and swing dancer. Having spent time with Zirtual and other small companies as an administrative assistant, Sowash knew she wanted to create a company that supported the industry she knew and loved.


So in April 2014, Sowash started Skitterbug; a company that provides business support for creative professionals with services ranging from administrative assistance and content writing, to booking support, web design, and social media management. Skitterbug works with musicians, visual artists, music teachers, small companies, and other types of creatives.


Sowash sainsightlyys the best part of starting and growing Skitterbug has been her clients. “I love working with artists and creatives and helping them expand their business and reach their audience online and in-person. I also love running a new business. It’s exciting developing services that people need and request,” she explains.


Sowash also shared her advice for other business owners and entrepreneurs. She tells Cbus Chic:

“My biggest piece of advice for professionals is to set a schedule, especially for administrative tasks. Set aside time to network on social media, whether it’s once a week or twice a month. Give yourself an hour each morning to sift through emails, then move onto the next task to give yourself a break. So often I find that if you aren’t working from a schedule, then before you know it, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t begun the project you meant to get to today.”


More of Sowash’s great advice was featured as part of the MAC Biz of Art Series at the McConnell Arts Center from October 7-21. Additionally, she just released a new ebook for creatives, “Virtual Visionary: A Guide to Web Presence for Creatives.”


For more information on Bryn Sowash and Skitterbug, visit her online at And be sure to follow Skitterbug on Facebook and Twitter: @SkitterbugArts.