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Oasis Face Bar

Oasis Face Bar is a new concept for a spa. They focus on 30-minute facials so you give them a half hour and they give your skin a pretty impressive glow, and it’s perfect with them being downtown, you can just pop in on your lunch break or right after work instead of sitting in rush hour and that’s exactly what I did. You know, a facial sounds a lot better than traffic, right?

They have a few different options of facials on their menu of services. I picked the smoothing option, which includes dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is awesome for sloughing off all that dead skin, especially right after winter, and it gets rid of all your peach fuzz too.

I also opted to add on a treatment with one of these cool masks that has a special light that kills any bad bacteria. Plus, the pictures I got while wearing it were pretty funny. But seriously though, my skin looks so fresh and smooth now, I’m so obsessed, I cannot believe it only took 30 minutes to do.

And all the products they use in their facials are safe and good for you, too. I’m breastfeeding and I also have sensitive skin so I didn’t want them using a bunch of harsh chemicals on me. They said that’s why a lot of people come into Oasis, because the products they use are safe, but work really, really well. They also sell a lot of the products in-house so you can keep up with all the results longer using them at home too. I definitely encourage you to check it out for yourself.

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