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Oasis Face Bar

Oasis Face Bar offers quick and effective treatments with non-invasive equipment, similar to a blowout bar.

When it comes to skincare, Molly Bower felt like there was something missing in Columbus. While learning the ins and outs of the industry, and all about entrepreneurship, she launched Skin Oasis, a beauty salon located in Westerville that specializes in non-surgical aesthetic procedures that work to improve the skin through a variety of services.

Bower says she had once hoped to expand Skin Oasis, and did just that through the new and innovative Oasis Face Bar, a similar yet different concept to Skin Oasis.

“It is more of an open concept,” explains Bower. “Customers can come in and get a quick and effective treatment with non-invasive equipment. It is the same setup as a hair blowout bar, but for facials.”

The facial bar features upbeat music, reclining chairs, and services that are customizable to each client, according to Bower.

Oasis Face Bar opened its doors on April 12, and Bower says this time around has been a bit easier than opening Skin Oasis. “The process of opening Skin Oasis was little by little,” she says. “For Oasis Face Bar, I had a clear vision of what I wanted and more funds to back that up.”

She also adds that running her businesses has been a learning experience as she tries juggling it all with a full-time work schedule and a family at home.

“Through this experience I have also learned I cannot do everything myself,” she says. “I brought on a team to help me with stuff like PR, shopping, and other errands. I even brought my two-year-old with me to the interviews.”

This facial bar is the first one of its kind in Columbus. It offers a variety of facials that take a half-hour, as well as $10 extras such as chemical peels and LED masks. All of the services provided are aimed at achieving results quickly and naturally, according to Bower.

“We use holistic, natural products so it is not as clinical,” she says. “Everything we do is results driven.”

Bower was able to open Oasis Face Bar quickly, but not without doing her research on this new concept.

“I have visited multiple facial bars around the country as well as reading customer reviews of them,” she explains. “I wanted to see what customers wanted out of a facial bar and also what they maybe did not like about them. I saw a couple reviews noting that customers felt like the experience was rushed, so I just want to take those comments into consideration and learn from them.”

Bower hopes to continue expanding her new business and adding other services.

“I want to do more events where groups of people come in, like bachelorette parties or a girls’ night out. I really just want to get women together and help them lift each other up instead of tear each other down,” she adds. “I also want to continue adding more discounts, we already plan to offer corporate discounts for nearby employees.”

Oasis Face Bar is located Downtown at 20 E Gay Street. Learn more about their services at

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