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Oh! Sugar, Sugar

10600357_442193009295407_5970684753836778864_nIn January of 2015, Maurice Jiles and his significant other, Erika Hallman, decided to take their passionate love for candles and revolutionize the industry. They started Scented Sugars, an eco-friendly candle company that also sells melts, cupcake bath bombs, and edible deserts such as cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.


Hallman said the inspiration for Scented Sugars came from every time Jiles would come to her home, and she would have some sugary or gooey scented candle burning. “He would look for or ask what I was baking,” she said.


“We always discussed starting our own business and one day we decided on candles, more so concentrating on bakery and confectionery scented candles. This too also helps him cope with not being able to indulge in all the sugary sweets and treats due to him being diabetic. So we really wanted to focus on our products being sugary scented,” she said.


insightlyAnd it’s that dedication to scent and quality that makes their candles so unique. All their candles are made from soy, and they don’t use dye or toxins. Hallman said, “we like to maintain the integrity of the soy […]We have deserts to match the scent of our candles.”


Hallman and Jiles make all the candles, bath bombs, and Shea butter themselves. But when it comes their confectionary treats, they look to the great pasty chef of Sweet T’s Dessert and Boutique.


And if you’re a customer, they encourage their customers  to reuse the jars. You can even send it back to for a refill at a discounted cost OR send them pictures of how you repurposed the jars. But taking a quick pic of your Scented Sugars jar isn’t the only way to (re)connect. They also create custom and private label products for consumers and other business, even custom products for baby showers, bridal parties, special occasion gifts, and much more!


You can find Scented Sugars at the Moonlight Market, Ohio Made Local events, Beauty Boutique on High Street, and Dineen’s Jewelry & Gifts in Girard, OH. And be sure to keep an eye out for their expanding product line. And the dream to one day opening their own store front in Columbus (and once that’s established, expansion beyond Ohio).


Find out more about Scented Sugars by visiting them online at and following them on Facebook and Instagram: @scentedsugars