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Omega Bun

Omega Bun offers a healthy alternative to traditional bread.

Carmen Richardson and Elizabeth Beckley are a mother-daughter duo who love doing everything from cooking to rebuilding houses together. Little did they know a need to improve a family member’s health would rely on this trusty teamwork and inspire them to launch a business so they could help others, too.
Enter, Omega Bun. 

“Omega Bun is a sandwich bun that has no grains, no sugar, no starches, no nuts, no dairy, no soy, no preservatives, and only one carb per bun,” says Richardson.

According to Richardson, the inspiration behind launching this business came after an annual physical her husband had in mid-2017. “My husband’s test results showed that he was pre-diabetic with higher than normal cholesterol levels,” explains Richardson. “With each of our family’s history, I knew we needed to make some drastic changes, so my response to this news was ‘We are changing the way we eat.'”
From that moment on, the family cut out sugar and grains and turned their focus to whole, healthy, low carb foods. 
As many can attest to, the process of cutting out bread was a difficult one, and Richardson struggled with her cravings for bread. It was then that she began experimenting in the kitchen. 

Carmen Richardson

“After dozens of failed attempts, hours of research, and numerous refinements, I finally ended up with a great recipe,” says Richardson. 
That recipe was for the bun that she now sells through Omega Bun. “Having a delicious bread alternative has kept me on track in my health journey and my husband loves having buns to eat with his healthy proteins,” says Richardson. “Plus, his follow-up blood tests a few months ago showed that his blood sugar is now in the normal range, his cholesterol is down 30 points, and we’ve each lost over 20 pounds.”
Together, Richardson and her daughter Elizabeth offer a low carb bread with all organic ingredients and only one net carb. 
“Omega Buns are made with wholesome, simple, organic and gluten free ingredients, and they test great,” adds Richardson. “You can support your low carb, Keto, Paleo, gluten free, grain free, or just plain healthier eating program with the Omega Bun.”

Elizabeth Beckley

Currently, Omega Bun is focused on meeting customers at local farmers markets in the Columbus area. 
As they continue to travel throughout the region, Richardson says that they are in the process of filing for their organic certification. And to pursue their gluten free certification, Omega Bun is hoping to be in a new manufacturing center by the end of the year. 
To help expand their options, Richardson and her daughter are exploring new product ideas while researching a packaging method that will help to extend the shelf life of Omega Bun. 
To learn more about Omega Bun, visit There you can find a list of the farmers market that Richardson and her daughter will be attending. “We love meeting new friends at these markets and sharing samples of the Omega Bun,” says Richardson. 
You can also stay updated on Facebook or Instagram, and purchase Omega Buns on Etsy.

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