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On Trend Mobile Fashion Boutique

On Trend Mobile Fashion is a mobile boutique offering the latest fashion trends.

What do a fashion truck, funeral director and optometrist have in common? Well, a lot, actually.

Co-owners Kerri Metts and Candi Fischer co-founded On Trend Mobile Fashion Boutique as a much-needed creative outlet. 

Metts is a funeral director with a passion for fashion, and Fischer, who works front desk at an optometrist’s office in Carroll, has a wild sense of adventure and love for helping people look their best. 

Candi Fischer (left) and Kerri Metts (right) co-founded On Trend Mobile Fashion Boutique

The idea of a boutique on wheels came to Metts and Fischer when they both decided they needed new, more convenient, shopping options. “Finding time to shop in between work and family can cause a lot of undue stress,” says Metts. “Add children, and shopping can seem like a chore. Shopping should always be fun! We really wanted to bring something to our local communities that would ease the stress that shopping sometimes brings.”

The duo knows how hard it can be to find affordable, stylish and unique clothing without adding in the drive from your home. So, after hearing other local ladies talk about the frustration and disappointment of their recent shopping experiences, Metts and Fischer were inspired with an idea they could both be passionate about.

“Empower women to feel great about the way she looks is the best feeling in the world,” adds Metts.

The boutique on wheels offers multiple different services as well as apparel for sizes extra small through 3x. Customers can try on their choices in the built-in dressing room or add accessories and jewelry to complete their look. On Trend also likes to partner with a local winemaker for an event called, “Sip and Shop.”

“We love going to festivals and events located throughout Ohio,” says Metts. “With that being said, nothing brings us joy like our free, at-home parties. We really love seeing friends get together to spend quality time with each other.”

And for those who can’t make it to an event or party to shop the truck? Metts says there’s an online store where you can shop their selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

Without a full brick-and-mortar store, On Trend can keep their prices under $50. Customers can shop on the truck weekly and still find several new looks each time. Metts adds that they carry a variety of sizes, including plus sizes.

To learn more about the On Trend Mobile Fashion Boutique, visit their website. You can also “like” them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram. To contact Metts and Fischer directly, send them an email.

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