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ONEHOPE Wine from Wilson Wine Shop

ONEHOPE Wines recently release a new batch of wines to help contribute to their mission of making the world a better place.

ONEHOPE Wine is on a mission: To bring together a community that makes the world a better place through memorable wine and experiences. 

“Each of ONEHOPE’s thoughtfully-crafted products supports a charitable cause, empowering people to do more good through everyday actions,” says Lyndsey Wilson, founder of Wilson Wine Shop and a ONEHOPE Wine Cause Entrepreneur. “Primarily products in collaboration with Rob Mondavi Jr., ONEHOPE provides award-winning wine with a measurable social impact. Since its launch, more than $3 million in donations have been made to help feed the hungry, provide clinical trials for cancer patients, find forever homes for shelter animals, and much more.”

Wilson says that the founders behind ONEHOPE are a group of friends, including Jake Kloberdanz (CEO), Tom Leahy (President), Tiffany Wojtkiewicz (Chief Revenue Officer), Brandon Hall (Chief Brand Officer), Sarah McPeake (VP of Sales), Kristen Shroyer ( VP of National Accounts). 

This group of friends was inspired to launch a company like ONEHOPE after working for a large winery after college and stocking grocery store shelves to help sell wine. “They say everything turn pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, and how great it was that both the brands and the charities saw a great result,” says Wilson. “But then on November 1, everything went back to normal. They realized they wanted to build something where every product gives back 365 days a year. Not only do each of our products have built-in donation, but we also offer opportunities for people to donate to charities that are personally meaningful for them.”

Most recently, ONEHOPE released its new Vintner Collection – offering nine new varietals and each one supporting a cause. Winemaker Mari Coyle worked in collaboration with Rob Mondavi Jr. on many of the blends. “These wines are from some of the best growing regions in California and offer a high-quality experience that also gives back,” says Wilson. 

The California wines and the causes they support include:

  • Brut Sparkling Wine – meals for children in need
  • Sparkling Rosé – meals for children in need
  • Pinot Grigio – animal adoptions
  • Sauvignon Blanc – trees planted in reforestation projects
  • Chardonnay – clinical trials for breast cancer patients
  • Pinot Noir – animal adoptions
  • Merlot – heart disease education
  • Red Blend – veterans 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – ABA Therapy for children with Autism

According to Wilson, the current best sellers for ONEHOPE wines are Brut, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as the new Sparking Rosé.

As wine becomes a product that is much more popular not just in California but around the country, Wilson wants people to know that ONEHOPE is more than just a wine brand. “We have a bigger mission to make the world a better place with every bottle,” she says. “What better way to spread that than by sharing it with others over a great glass of wine?”

She says that one of the best things about ONEHOPE is that there’s also a way to give back to charities that you have a personal tie to. “Hosting a wine tasting event with me means that 10% of any orders at the event will be donated to your charity of choice – that’s in addition to the impacts that are already built into every product,” she says. “Additionally, our brand new Grapeful Club means that anyone who signs up can get that same great benefit all year on their orders.”

To learn more about Wilson Wine Shop and ONEHOPE Wines, click here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram or send Wilson an email.

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