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Orangetheory Fitness Short North

The history behind Orangetheory Fitness dates back to March 2010, but since then this one-of-a-kind training workout has made its mark around the country.

With a new location in the Short North, Orangetheory Fitness is a workout that breaks into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training that produces maximum calorie burn.

“Backed by science, the heart rate-monitored, interval training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy,” explains Studio Manager Malinda Smith.

The 60-minute sessions use a variety of equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX, and free weights. The goal of an Orangetheory Fitness workout is to get heart rates in the target “Orange Zone” for 12 to 20 minutes in order to produce what they call the Orange Effect or, what they call, the Afterburn. 

“Every session is different, but all 1,000-plus studios are completing the same workout that day, so the OTF community can share their experience and their session performance summary with friends all over the globe,” says Smith.

The inspiration behind Orangetheory Fitness was to help people of all ages and fitness levels feel successful in their fitness routine. It can be rather intimidating for some to go to the gym and see others who are stronger or more advanced in their fitness routines. 

“Orangetheory Founder and Exercise Physiologist Ellen Latham refers to Orangetheory as the multivitamin of fitness, providing members everything they need to see amazing results, gain more energy, build more confidence, and live a longer, more vibrant life,” says Smith.

According to Smith, a location opened up in the Short North because of the neighborhood’s booming popularity. 

“Short North is teeming with specialty shops, night life, great restaurants, salons, and art galleries,” she says. “Who could resist being a part of it all? With so many apartments, businesses, and co-working spaces in the Short North, we wanted to add an amazing fitness option to the long list of amenities that are in walking distance for visitors, residents, and workers in the Short North area.”

There is a team of experts as well as a medical advisory board that works to perfect each daily workout. 

“Additionally, the equipment at Orangetheory is exceptional,” Smith explains. “From the Flex Deck Tradmills that provide four times more flexibility than traditional treadmills, to our Water Rowers that are a low-impact, power-focused machine, to our multiple options of wearable heart rate technology Orangetheory will provide an exceptional atmosphere with incredible equipment for members to use. But most of all, Orangetheory is unique because of the people on staff.”

Staff at Orangetheory Fitness welcome each guest and offer support, celebration, and challenges. “Not only that,” adds Smith, “the community of Orangetheory Members are an incredibly encouraging, inclusive, and motivating group. Members quickly feel like family and enjoy using studios all over the nation since memberships extend to studios nationwide.”

The Short North studio is the 12th Orangetheory Fitness location in Columbus and additional locations are already under construction in the area. 

Orangetheory is also planning on adding new technology to its routine. 

“Innovation is a cornerstone of the Orangetheory concept,” says Smith. “In 2019 we will see new Connected Fitness tablets mounted on each treadmill that will help members be in tune with their progress, benchmarks, and personal bests. New all-day wearable technology is in the works for Orangetheory Members, and enhancements to the booking app are underway for the New Year.”

Orangetheory Fitness is located in the new Castle Building at 977 N. High Street in Columbus.

To book a complimentary introductory session at Orangetheory Fitness, to learn more, or to stay in the know, visit You can also contact the Short North location directly at 614-721-0031 or by emailing‚Äč. 

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