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Ordering The Best Of The Menu

Autumn TheodoreAutumn Theodore is a lover of food, Columbus, and photography. So she combined those three loves to create her food blog: Best of the Menu.


Autumn was talking to a friend in the fall of 2013 about how much her photography business slows down in the winter. And since she loves food – and taking photos of food! – her friend suggested she start a food blog.


Immediately, Autumn knew that recipes wouldn’t be her niche. “I had extremely limited counter space in my kitchen at the time, so I thought interviewing local restaurants and taking photos of the items they mentioned would be perfect for me,” she says.


And since January 5, 2014, it’s been perfect fit! She’s gotten to meet so many awesome people in the restaurant industry all over this city! “I love it,” she adds.


Because of that interaction, Best of the Menu features restaurants’ best dishes and hidden gems via staff interviews and foodie photos. Autumn is happy that it’s mission continues to be to make you hungry by the time you’ve scrolled through a post.


And you’ll be feeling some serious food envy after reading her latest post about Barrel on High, a whiskey bar in the Short North. Autumn says, “Not only do they have amazing (strong!) drinks, but the food menu is solid. Their most popular item is their burger. But what I love is that they’re willing to customize anything the way that you like it.” She adds that she loves going to a place that’s able to cater to preferences/dietary needs like that.


“They also have an excellent happy hour…sooooo see you after work this week?” Autumn teases.


You can learn more about Autumn and the best dishes around Columbus, by visiting her blog at And if you feel like adding more to your plate, follow Best of the Menu on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BestoftheMenu.