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Positively You Clothing


Positively You Clothing aims to spread positivity through clothing.

Nellie Corriveau is inspired by what’s around her. She also stays inspired by remaining positive, and that’s why she launched Positively You Clothing, a unique collection of quality items for the ultimate Girl Boss.

“We hope women can wake up, put on their Positively You Clothing items, and feel like they can crush their day and feel beautiful doing it too,” she says. 

Corriveau says that she and her husband started Positively You Clothing a couple of years ago, and while he jokes that he never thought he would have a business that is so girly and sparkly, everything they do is for the women who wear their clothes.

When you wear items from Positively You Clothing, you’ll not only be comfortable and fashionable, but you’ll be sharing a positive message to those who see you wearing the apparel.

“Positivity is always in style,” says Corriveau. “We strive to make the world a more positive place through empowerment, inspiration, and support.”

The main goal at Positively You Clothing is to give the women who wear the garments daily inspiration, and to remind them to always be themselves, no matter what. 

“From the moment your package arrives at your door step we want you to have a positive experience,” she adds. “Every time you wear your garments we want you to smile, feel fashionable and inspire others around you.”

Products at Positively You Clothing are released in lines, such as their Goldie Line and a Freedom Line that was released for the 4th of July.

Corriveau says that while there is no storefront for Positively You clothing, you can check them out at pop-up boutiques and shop their online collection any time.

Corriveau says to keep your eyes open for a big announcement coming this spring from Positively You Clothing.

To learn more about Positively You Clothing, click here. You can also check the out on Facebook and Instagram.

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