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Putting the Polish on the W Nail Bar

W Nail Bar-1Sisters Manda Mason and Lauren Hunter  wanted to create something new, something that didn’t that didn’t exist. But both were in very different jobs, however, they felt like they weren’t being of service to themselves or anyone else if they chose to remain comfortable in their current careers.


So two years ago, they started talking about an idea. They said, “we were raised in a family business and we wanted to create a legacy for not only our community, but also for our family. We knew we wanted to do something in the beauty industry and we did a ton of market research.  As a result, we created something completely unique.”


That unique business is The W Nail Bar, which opened just this year (on April 18th). The W Nail Bar, a nail salon, is luxury and convenience — high-end with low wait times. They offer walk-in services tailored to busy lifestyles; all wrapped in an impeccable, luxurious setting that begs relaxation. As Mason and Hunter said, “we’re more than a mani/pedi nail bar- we’re building a lifestyle brand that encompasses giving back, developing our people, and having fun at the same time.”


W Nail Bar-8And that commitment to their customers show. The salon is a true embodiment of Mason and Hunter’s vision, and that comes as no surprise when you learn that they picked out every piece of furniture, every bottle of polish, all the copper pedi bowls. They even planted all the plants.


Their green thumbs aren’t the only green aspect of the business. The W uses as much eco friendly products as possible. And they hope that more eco friendly products are developed for the beauty industry – they may even create some of their own!


“We also understand being smart with our products is part of being ‘green.’ Our team doesn’t over use polish, water, and supplies associated with our services. We look at the little things because it effects the big picture of our business,” they said. They even partner with ‘green’ companies in the community, like Pack H20.

W Nail Bar-7

The W is all about the customer and their experience. And at the end of the day, Mason and Hunter said, “when you work so hard for something to come together and see it working, it’s so rewarding. We’ve put our heart & soul into The W and the response has been amazing.”


Learn more about The W Nail Bar by visiting them online at And check them out on Instagram and Facebook for upcoming events, like their May 28th Spa Day with Pack H20.