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Reduce, Reuse, e-Cycle

E-Cycle-1In 2004, Tonia Irion and her husband, Chris, and came up with the idea while they were spring-cleaning their home. They looked at all the old electronic devices they’d accumulated and realized that with cell phone use expanding so rapidly, there must be a huge market for recycling old cell phones.


So, they researched how to start an electronics recycling business and discovered that businesses, on average, upgrade their cell phones every 18 to 24 months. When they asked the question, “Where are all of these old phones going?” they were surprised to find that the sensitive contents of a cell phone, both the private data and toxic chemicals, were often disposed of in a careless and irresponsible manner.


Fueled by their love for technology, the environment, and charitable giving, they acted upon the unique opportunity to channel our passions into a new venture addressing the emerging issues of mobile recycling and corporate responsibility. They created: e-Cyle.


e-Cycle is a buyback, data security and recycling company that focuses on the reuse and recycling of wireless devices, including cell phones, smartphones, iPads and other tablets. As Irions said:


“We purchase used mobile phones and tablets from businesses, reimbursing them for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge. The information on every device is deleted or destroyed using the industry’s most rigorous data security measures. Through the e-Cycle Foundation, organizations have the option to use proceeds from their wireless buyback and recycling programs to make tax-deductible donations to the charities of their choice.”


Irions stressed how important it is for everyone to be conscious of the negative effects used devices can have on our health and the environment. Especially when disposed of improperly.


“As businesses and consumers upgrade to the newest mobile phones and tablets every 18 months to two years, thousands of used mobile devices are being replaced even though they may still have many years of life left. As a result, there are currently more mobile devices than people in the world and e-waste has become the fastest growing waste stream, making up a majority of the toxins in our landfills,” said Irions.


E-waste, improper safety, and disposal is why e-Cycle was created. Irions talked about how necessary it is to make sure electronic devices are safe and clean of personal information. So that when they’re disposed of, properly, nothing can harm the former owner.


Irions said, “Devices in working condition for which we can follow rigorous data deletion procedures and quality assurance testing for removing data are eligible for reuse. Devices that cannot be sanitized due to damage are physically shredded on-site and recycled.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.32.48 AM

And that commitment to personal, professional, and environmental safety shows. This year, e-Cycle is celebrating their 10-year anniversary! And for Irions, that means, “;ooking ahead, e-Cycle has great potential for growth and expansion. Our goals are to continue expanding our operations domestically and globally to Europe, Asia-Pac and Latin America.”


To learn more about e-Cycle, and their their services, request a buyback quote or view their blog, visit them online at You can also follow us on social media at by checking out their Facebook and Twitter: @eCycle_LLC.