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Rephrasing Fashion and Its Impact

Rephrase-1For the last 10 years, Belinda Frazer worked with major brands in the luxury fashion world. But a few years ago, she was inspired to start her own collection: Rephrase, an easy to wear, street-style brand.


Frazer said, “it [Rephrase] was something I was inspired to start years ago and finally decided it was time to chase the dream this spring.”


Her inspiration for the collection came from an aspect she was personally looking for as a consumer. As a self-described fabric nerd, she always read the care tag on a label and all too often found herself disappointed by the manufacturing; which, in her mind, is the biggest indicator of quality.


So earlier this month, on May 1st, she opened the “doors” to her ecommerce website. And already, it has been such an incredible experience thanks to the unprecedented support and amazing feedback from the growing fans of this new line.


Environmentalist and nerd aside, she is still your average fashion-loving girl. Frazer said, “my family will tell you I tokened the phrase ‘Investment Purchase’ at a very early age. But I will still stubbornly justify the cost-per-wear ratio, being of the belief in spending a little more on fewer items that will last.”


Frazer believes clothing should still be in “style” longer than one season – otherwise you are just wasting both your valuable money and also creating waste in what is already a very environmentally demanding industry.


When Frazer made the decision to chase a little dream and start her own apparel line, she knew it had to have three key elements: to be principled in production, consist solely of items that she personally wanted to wear, and to give back.


The “give back” piece took a lot of consideration, as there are so many important causes throughout the world. But ultimately, the cause she decided on had to have significant importance. Which is way she looked at something that everything on earth relies on – water.


Frazer explained, “water is an increasingly scarce resource and something that the fashion industry is the third highest consumer and polluter of. Fashion certainly deserves its current bad rap, but it is something people love, that makes people feel good, and that people follow. Because of that I think fashion has the power to be a vehicle for real and powerful change.”


So with that in mind, part of her dream is to inspire others to change the way we consume and talk about fashion … or “rephrase” what it means to us. She ultimately wants people to fall in love with the pieces first, and then feel even better about how it is made, and the impact their purchase has on giving a little good back to the world.


And as Frazer continues to cultivate her mission and provide clean water to areas in need, she’s also looking at her business growth. She teased, “there are some really exciting things in store as the collection grows which for now I will have to keep a secret.” So be sure to follow along and be some of the first to know as this dream continues to unveil.


You can follow Frazer and Rephrase on Twitter and Instagram at @ShopRephrase. And be sure to check them out online at, Facebook, and Tumblr.