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Restore Your Body With a Massage From Enchanted Hands

ChicShowcase-46Just a few months ago, Anita DePlanty opened Enchanted Hands Massage. DePlanty is a recent graduate of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus where she became skilled in massage therapy and was soon inspired to open her own business.


“Since a very young age, my natural gift has been that of a healing touch and a sort of ‘empathetic’ ability,” says DePlanty. This is one of the reasons she felt compelled to work in a field where she can put people at ease in a healing environment. DePlanty was also motivated by her own massage experiences. She suffered from chronic pain and says that getting massages regularly eases her pain and keeps her vibrant. If it were up to her, everyone would get a massage everyday.


Enchanted-1According to DePlanty’s expertise, massages have innumerable benefits. Whether you’re simply getting a massage to relax and rejuvenate or recover from an injury or trauma, anyone can benefit from this holistic experience. “It inspires healing on an physical, mental and emotional level and strengthens the immune system,” explains DePlanty. She see’s getting a massage as a maintenance plan for the body and getting a “tune-up” on a regular basis is an important part of our well-being. At Enchanted Hands, your massage will be different because DePlanty “listens” to the body. “The body talks, and through touch we can listen,” says DePlanty. The Enchanted Hands Massage believes that our personal experiences leave imprints on our bodies, emotional and physical. These  things are addressed through massage and our bodies are restored. DePlanty is loving watching her clients come back with positive results and can’t wait to watch even more growth stem from her business. Her goal is for her clients to feel better not just for the couple of hours or days after their massage, but for life.


The office is located 2572 Oakstone Drive Columbus, Ohio 43231. You can call (614) 271-7452 to set up an appointment.