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Right As Rain

Cbus Chic chats with Maria about her custom handmade soaps, her inspiration, and her Etsy shop. 


Q: Tell Cbus Chic about yourself

A: My name is Maria and I currently create customized soaps.


Q: What did you start Sky Rain Soap?

A: I created Sky Rain Soap so that individuals could create soaps unique to their needs, allowing them to select fragrances and colors they wanted. Offering many designs was also important, so that an individual could find soaps for everyone.

Q: What inspired you to start making soap?

A: I was inspired because I have very severe sensitivities and often can’t use store bought soaps. The ones I could use often weren’t the color I wanted or the fragrance I wanted. After I while I realized I could make the soap I wanted and just started doing that.

Q: A lot of your designs are animals. What led you to create those?

A: I actually started with the animal soaps – a honey bee was the first mold I purchased.


Q: What are some your most popular designs?

A: My most popular soap right now is the Queen Bee soap. The most unique would be the geode/thunderegg soap.

Q: Do you have any sales coming up?

A: No. Since I always offer my soaps at below retail price, they are always discounted. I offer all soap designs year-round, so there is no special season for holiday soaps or such. You can purchase season items anytime.

Q: Where can people buy/find your soaps?

A: All currently available soaps can found at my Etsy site:


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