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Rockin’ The Night Away

IMG_5110Angela Perley And The Howlin’ Moonshad a busy past two years. In 2014, the band played 120 tour dates and in 2015, finished their second full-length album titled “Homemade Vision.”


And while most fans will have to wait until January 22 for the albums release, the band treated their hometown of Columbus to an exclusive local release and show on December 18 at Skully’s Music Diner. And I was there.


The night started with Somebody’s Darling a band AP And The Howlin’ Moons met when they played together at SXSW. The band played some new tunes and talked about working on a new album that’ll be released in 2016. In between songs, Amber Farris, the band’s lead vocalist and frontman, talked about visiting North Market and remarked that it snowed that day.


DaniCandi_CBUSAround 11PM, Somebody’s Darling finished their set and Angela Perley And The Howlin’ Moons took the stage. The crowd started got into the swing of the night after the band played “Roll On Over” from their first LP, “Hey Kid.”


Perley also took a moment to share some information with the audience during the first few songs. “At the stroke of midnight, it will be Chris Conner’s [guitarist] birthday,” she calls out. And sure enough, at midnight we all sang “Happy Birthday” to the band member.


The night was a mix of the band’s old and new tunes, including several which they hadn’t played live before. Pearly also switched with her usual vocal and guitar pairing and played the tambourine and a saw during some songs.


insightlyThe show was a great night of music and Columbus love. Being a part of the album release show and dancing the night away to great music – that’s both live and local – was a good way to wrap up the week.


You can learn more about Angela Perley And The Howlin’ Moons, plus information on upcoming shows by visiting them online at Also check out Cbus Chic’s post on the band here AND see more photos from the show over our Facebook page.