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Root Cause Health Advisors

Root Cause Health Advisors is a team of health and lifestyle advisors helping clients to fight against chronic diseases.

For James Fryer and his team at Root Cause Health Advisors, it all started with a book. A book called “Unconventional Medicine” by Chris Kresser to be exact. 

“It has some absolutely mind blowing statistics on the state of health in our country,” says Fryer, who is not only the co-founder of Root Cause Health Advisors but is also a license massage and neuromuscular therapist.

That’s why he co-launched Root Cause Health Advisors, a team of health and lifestyle advisors working to combat chronic disease in Columbus and the surrounding area.

The team, and the doctors they collaborate with, is all about education. “Educating people on nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and managing your lifestyle to make this as easy and sustainable as possible,” says Fryer.

James Fryer, Co-Founder of Root Cause Health Advisors

What makes Root Cause Health Advisors unique is that its team is diverse, educated, motivated, and attempting to tackle something larger than themselves. “We take advanced metrics and research and implement simple time-tested techniques for optimal results,” explains Fryer.

Fryer says that because nearly everything is new at Root Cause Health Advisors, they are continually learning how to best serve clients. They’re also currently testing the best sleep monitors on the market and working on offering more reading materials for those interested in learning more about what Root Cause Health Advisors has to offer.

To learn more about Root Cause Health Advisors, visit You can also send them an email at or schedule your free discovery session here.

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