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Rude Dog Bar & Grill Stays Loyal in New Location



“’In America, there’s one thing that everybody loves,’” Drew Semke, general manager of Rude Dog Bar & Grill, Grandview, recounts Owner of Rude Dog Jason Lusk saying. That thing just so happens to be pets, with dogs being one of the most beloved of all.


This pet popularity is precisely why Semke recalls Lusk saying, “’I want to have a pet-centric restaurant bar.’” Lusk’s dream resulted in the birth of Rude Dog nine years ago at Polaris with its Pickerington location following in 2012.


Now, Rude Dog is marking its territory at 1765 West Third Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43212, the former and notorious Knotty Pine Bar & Grill. Despite Rude Dog’s large shoes to fill, Rude Dog is wagging its tail, ready for the challenge.


“This place, it’s truly historical in this area. I think that’s a ‘can’t miss prospect’ and you know, the money that we put into it and putting that patio out there– It’s going to be a neighborhood gem,” said Semke.


After opening in July of 2013, Rude Dog, Grandview hopes to extend its inaugural year. Semke said, “We are trying to reopen, a soft open now for our patio season again [with] all the kinks worked out.”


“Patio season is one of those things that is a special event in and of itself,” Semke says. Dogs are in no way excluded from enjoying this 90-seat, fanned patio featuring two TVs, with their owners.  But, roles may be reversed if owners order Nachos, in which case they will be served in a hand-painted dog bowl. Dog bowls can be purchased for $20 along with Rude Dog tee shirts for $10.


Rude Dog stays true to its name not only by serving food in dog bowls, but through its relaxed feel as well.


Semke says, “We’re not nose in the air. We’re not ‘look at me.’ It’s a very calm laid-back place and honestly my staff is amazing and that has been something that has been a blessing and has built what we’ve had here.”


However, the atmosphere isn’t the only thing customers come for. Rude Dog just held its first karaoke night on Tuesday, May 13 and will continue to welcome singers and howlers every Tuesday night for karaoke fun.


Semke said, “We do a lot of reunions here for Grandview just because they’ve been doing it for 50 years and that’s a true blessing.” Private parties are held in ‘The Puppy Room,’ which is decorated with hand-painted pictures of some iconic canines, including Plato and Lady and the Tramp.


Yet, despite all the attention to Rude Dog’s loveable canine theme, the real treat is the cuisine.


“The flatbreads are amazing. Our wings, we marinate them overnight and they are spectacular … I’d put them up against any wing in the city, truly,” Semke said. The menu just downsized to a front and back traditional menu from its former one of 55 to 80 items. Rude Dog also has a special seasonal summer menu which features berry spinach salads and other lighter options for the hotter weather.


Find the new location in Grandview at 1765 West Third Avenue


Learn more here.



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