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Scott’s Custom Jewelers

Scott’s Custom Jewelers offers jewelry design done on-site.

Scott’s Custom Jewelers is known for its custom jewelry design. The Dublin-based jeweler is owned by Scott Cevasco, a third generation jeweler, who worked for his family before going out on his own 18 years ago. 

Alongside his wife Beth, Cevasco saw a change in the jewelry industry coming about 15 years ago, as more purchases were being made online. 

“That’s when we decided on focus on custom design and invested in CAD technology and 3D printers to make our jewelry,” Beth Cevasco explains. “While we do have jewelry for sale in our store – pieces that we’ve created or from other small-batch designers – our core business is working with the customer to make their jewelry dream come to life.”

Cevasco emphasizes that Scott’s Custom Jewelers is unique in that it’s not like a traditional jewelry store. 

“We don’t wear suits, buzz people in the front door, or have cases filled with high-end designer jewelry,” she says. “Our store is bright and upbeat, with fun music, no ‘sales staff,’ and lots of laugher.”

What’s made Scott’s Custom Jewelers successful, Cevasco says, is that they focus on remodeling and restyle jewelry that customs already own.

“Think remaking a wedding ring into a more current style, all while using their diamonds, or incorporating diamonds from inherited jewelry, or even adding more – we do sell diamonds, both mined and lab-grown,” she explains. “Reusing gemstones that the customer owns not only keeps the sentiment, bu also saves our customers thousands of dollars. Plus, we recycle their old gold and that helps keep the price down and saves the environment.”

The store’s CAD process also helps with designing jewelry. “We have ways of making a center diamond look larger, or even a completely different shape,” she says. “The possibilities are endless.”

“We use technology to show realistic pictures of the new designs, and 3D polymer models of the actual new piece to our customers, to make it even easier for them to envision,” says Cevasco. “There’s no ‘scary’ in redesigning a piece of jewelry at Scott‘s! We make sure that customers can make changes at any time, and help guide them with helpful information the entire process.”

When designing jewelry at Scott’s Custom Jewelers, customers will find that nothing is sent out. All of the designing, casting, and setting of gemstones is done on location. “Our customers work directly with the person designing their piece, so there’s no confusion,” says Cevasco. “Communication is always the key to success.”

The business currently employs 5 individuals, with plans to expand in the next year with more jewelry CAD designers. “We definitely are growing,” she adds.

Cevasco says the store is constantly evolving. “This next year brings even more focus on the customer experience,” she says. “We’re redesigning our storefront to showcase what we do best and help make each customer’s design experience even better.”

Scotts Custom Jewelers is located at 6365 Perimeter Drive in Dublin, in the Kroger plaza next to Dublin Methodist Hospital, off Avery-Muirfield Drive.

To learn more about Scotts Custom Jewelers, click here. They’re also on social media with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

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