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Secrets to Catapulting Your Personal Brand as an Industry Expert

Having a strong personal brand that you can cash in on is not just for people like Oprah, Ellen, or Martha Stewart. It’s for everyone, including you. Just like these three powerful women, you can build a strong personal brand.

Taking time to build a strong personal brand is important because if you want to sell your products, services, expertise, big ideas, or really anything for that matter, the first thing you need to do is stand out and be noticed. You accomplish this by making an emotional connection with your audience, and then building a relationship with them so you are known as trustworthy. Doing this creates a much faster and more direct path to helping more people, making more money, and living the life you desire. And that, my friends, is the payoff of having a solid personal brand. It doesn’t happen overnight, but every step you take can you closer to this reality.

To help you on this journey, here is a list of 21 things you can do take control of your personal brand and increase your profile as an expert in your field:

  1. What do you do best? Build your life around that.
  2. Know the top three achievements or results that your clients can expect from working with you. This is your promise of value, which is the cornerstone of your personal brand. Know these things and communicate them regularly. This alone is a game-changer. Boom.
  3. Stuck on “expert” as a word to describe yourself? Being an expert doesn’t mean you know it all. It means you dedicate a good portion of your life to practicing your craft and continuing your education. Where can you go to immerse yourself in additional learning in your field? The library? A conference? A webinar? An industry association?
  4. Mindset Tip: If you’re the “best kept secret” then you’re not serving yourself OR your ideal clients. Share yourself with others.
  5. Don’t just say you are an expert. Instead, prove it by speaking, writing, creating solutions to problems, or using social media to add value, inspiration, or spark conversation.
  6. What three words do you want people to use when describing you? Why are these words important to you and your audience? Are you giving people reason to think that of you?
  7. Spend your time with people who motivate and challenge you to be your biggest you.
  8. Believe in the value of your own voice. Right now, someone needs your expertise and insight.
  9. People with strong personal brands make time to market themselves. You don’t have to jump into every marketing opportunity. In fact, don’t. It’s a recipe to burn out quickly. Just do a handful of marketing activities really well. Like to write? Write a blog or focus on guest posting. Like to speak? Make videos or Facebook Lives or promote yourself as a speaker. You get the point.
  10. Successful personal branding is about consistency. Be the same offline as you are online.
  11. Put some personality into your marketing. Don’t stand behind a corporate wall or try to look and sound like a guru you like. Show us who you are.
  12. Update your bio at least twice a year. Really – you have probably changed enough and have a few more successes to warrant a refresh.
  13. Make it easy for a reporter to do a story on you by providing story ideas, industry statistics, and references on your web site.
  14. Buy and and renew them every year. Don’t let your web developer buy them for you because then she or he will own it. Protect your personal brand by owning every URL you ever use.
  15. If you find an article that a client, potential client, or partner would be interested in, send it to them. Everyone likes to feel special. Let them know you’re thinking of them.
  16. Testimonials are success stories about your products and services. Collect them regularly and add them to your web site or LinkedIn profile.
  17. Be willing to connect others even if it has nothing to do with your business. What goes around, comes around.
  18. Do something unexpected. Take a potential client out for pedicures instead of for coffee.
  19. Make clients feel special & appreciated. Ask yourself, “How do I want my clients to perceive me? Am I living up to that?”
  20. Use colors, fonts, and photos you love. They are all important parts of your messaging.
  21. Hire a professional photographer to take a great headshot and a graphic designer to design your logo, web site, and other marketing materials. It’s a wise investment to look your best and on-brand.

Hopefully now you have identified a few news ways to build your personal brand as an expert. This list is not exhaustive, but perhaps it has sparked some fresh thinking. The important thing to do is know your value, have a variety of ways that you regularly communicate it to your audience, and to do those things in a way that feels true to you. That is how you become known for who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

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