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She Radiates

She Radiates wants to give women the chance to live their best lives while growing as individuals.

What started as a blog and online community has become much more than that. Today, it’s also a safe haven for women to develop and grow as individuals. 

“She Radiates is a nonprofit, aiming to encourage economic mobility for women in Columbus, and eventually the country, by making personal and professional trainings and resources accessible to all” explains Yiema John, Creator of She Radiates.

John says she was inspired to launch She Radiates through conversations with her girlfriends. 

“Some of my best memories and biggest revelations stemmed from the heartfelt conversations we have and I wanted to be able to do that for other women,” she says. “I also knew I never wanted a woman to choose between getting the resources they needed to change their life and paying their bills.”

You can expect to see more coming from She Radiates as John aims to reach more women in Columbus through collaborations with organizations in neighboring cities and states. 

John says to keep an eye out on upcoming events with She Radiates, which you can do on Instagram, Facebook, and by visiting

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