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Skin Perfect University

Skin Perfect offers customized skincare treatment options.

Skin Perfect wants to not only help the health of your skin but your overall wellbeing. 

“We are results focused and custom create each service and skin care regimen to each client’s wants and needs,” explains Skin Perfect Master Esthetician and Product Developer Ashlee Barnum.

Barnum says Jaclyn Peresetsky, owner of Skin Perfect Spas and an esthetician, was inspired to launch Skin Perfect while working at OSU’s Plastic Surgery Center. 

“Women were coming in for surgery to correct or change what they saw as an imperfection,” explains Barnum. “[Peresetsky] started to note that although they may have loved the results, it didn’t really ‘fix the problem’ for them.”

It was then that Peresetsky realized she needed to create a space that helped women to not only look good but feel good about themselves as well. “[Peresetsky] wanted to create a place where women could come to see results in their skin, but also to make connections with their esthetician and other women to actually start feeling better about themselves.”

The team at Skin Perfect is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who offer a variety of services that range from makeup application and color analysis to medical-grade treatments.

Skin Perfect wants to make each customer’s experience unique, which is why it offers custom treatments, memberships, and regimens in order to meet the needs of each and every client.

“We truly focus on the mind, body, and spirit of our clients,” Barnum says. “The mind, because our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have a team of professionals focused on optimal results. The body, because we are physically changing their skin and improving its health, and spirit, because we are committed to making a connection with each and every client as if they were our own family.”

Building on their connections in the industry, Peresetsky and her Skin Perfect ream recently launched Skin Perfect University, an advanced esthetic training facility. 

“We are dedicated to raising the bar across the field of esthetics and want to share our knowledge with anyone wanting to invest in themselves and further their education and career,” says Barnum. “Skin Perfect University is the first of its kind in the entire Midwest region.”

To learn more about Skin Perfect, visit You can also learn more about the Skin Perfect University by clicking here. To stay up-to-date on Skin Perfect happenings, follow them on Instagram and give them a “like” on Facebook.

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