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Some Kind Of Wonderfilled

Kelley Engelbrecht - Cbus ChicIn her early twenties, Kelley Engelbrecht was fortunate enough to live abroad and travel extensively. When it was time to move back to Ohio, she was excited. “But I couldn’t shake my curiosity about the world around us – I don’t think that will ever go away,” Kelley tells Cbus Chic. She felt like she wasn’t the only one feeling this way, so she started Wonderfilled Magazine as a way to give folks the chance to discover new places without leaving home.


As the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wonderfilled, Kelley gets to show other travelers new places from un unique perspectives.  She says, “for each issue, we highlight one place in terms of food, craft and design. We interview the makers who are investing in the creative culture, taste the food, create playlists, and bring to life the city through this comprehensive look book.”


Since launching earlier this year, Wonderfilled’s first full year of issues has taken people to places far – and close to home. In January, the very first volume was all about Montreal. “The process leading up to that point was filled with lots of learning moments and having one issue under our belts was incredibly rewarding,” recalls Kelley.


This spring, the second volume featured a city well known to Cbus Chic readers: Columbus. And this fall, Wonderfilled explored everything about Asheville, North Carolina.



For Kelley, these past 12 months have been about hitting milestones in the creative development of Wonderfilled. But when talking about her favorite part of the year, Kelley says, “my favorite part of this year has been meeting all of the incredible people who have helped us bring each issue to life – and who have given advice, input and thoughts about how to build our brand. It makes the long nights leading up to our deadlines 100% worth it.”


Overall, Kelley says of 2015, “It’s been a year of learning, stretching and growing. This year wasn’t comfortable – and I don’t think it should have been. In my experience, the moments that feel a little funky mean I’m being stretched out of my comfort zone to create something better than I could imagine. I hope that 2016 is equally as uncomfortable.


And Kelley is already looking forward to 2016 and Wonderfilled’s upcoming issues. This year, they’re exploring Luxembourg City (winter), Salt Lake City (spring), and Ho Chi Minh City (fall). “We’ve started building each issue and I’m over the moon excited. We’re also hoping to create some fun events in Columbus to launch each issue. Stay tuned!” she says.


And stay tuned by visiting Wonderfilled Magazine online at and by following them on Facebook and Instagram: @wonderfilledmag.


*Photos by Erica Taffany & Mike Stempler