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SPOTLIGHT: 614 Studio


614 Studio owner, Megan Sharbaugh

Cbus Chic: Tell us about Studio 614.

Megan Sharbaugh, owner: Studio 614 is a local traveling art studio, offering private parties and classes in local restaurants, bars, homes, clubhouses, and other venues. We offer an endless variety of art classes for special occasions- from Pinterest parties to canvas painting parties. We can even help a bride plan her bachelorette party so that everyone contributes to the creation of the wedding décor!


Cbus Chic: What inspired you to start your own business?

Sharbaugh: There are 2 inspirations behind Studio 614.

1)   What it does for women in particular. How many times have you pinned something on Pinterest and thought “that would be so fun to create. I’m going to do it next December”? Then, it never happened. But if it did happen, it was one of the most memorable times. Creating things is particularly stimulating when you live a busy life full of working and/or pleasing others. Creating something with your own hands that you can claim as your own is one of the most rewarding activities we can partake in, whether it’s an ongoing hobby or just something we schedule once a year. It’s healthy. It feeds the soul. It’s not about how amazing your piece of art turns out. It’s about spending time with friends and family, exercising the right side of your brain, and accomplishing something that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

2)   Every person who used the phrase “starving artist” in conversation with me while I was in college- inspired me to dive into something that I knew would thrive right now in the present- and also, something I could modify in the future.



Cbus Chic: When did Studio 614 first begin/launch?

Sharbaugh: The company was open for business on November 1st of 2014.



insightly new year chic publicationCbus Chic: What makes Studio 614 different from other art studios?

Sharbaugh: We aren’t focused on one particular subject. You can actually submit a board from Pinterest and say “I don’t know what I want to make, but this is what I like”. Then, we’ll take it from there. We love trying new art projects- and then turning it into a party.



Cbus Chic: What should clients expect at a Pinterest party?

Sharbaugh: Expect a mess. Hot glue, paint, beer, glitter, ribbons, stencils, music, cheese cubes… etc.



Cbus Chic: Tell us about a typical painting class.

Sharbaugh: The painting classes on our schedule are usually 2 or 3 hours long. I spend a lot of time walking around and individually helping each person. If they want, I’ll even touch up their paintings. The classes are structured so that I take them all through the painting step-by-step. However, the images are already sketched on the canvases so that some of the students will just be painting and following the lines. They prefer less instruction and are more interested in painting on their own and enjoying the atmosphere that surrounds them.



Cbus Chic: Where are you located?

Sharbaugh: Everywhere!



Cbus Chic: What is new on the horizon for your business?

Sharbaugh: Brand ambassadors. They are fun promoters who run around the city representing the brand- attending events, booking private parties, and living the company motto.



Cbus Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?

Sharbaugh: social media: @thestudio614