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Chic Spotlight: Azmara Asefa

If you’re looking to take your wardrobe to a “higher” level, check out emerging fashion designer Azmara Asefa who infused her love and background of architecture in her custom pieces.


Designer, Azmara Asefa. Photography by MelRo.

Designer, Azmara Asefa. Photography by MelRo.

Cbus Chic: When did you know you wanted to design?

Fashion designer Azmara Asefa: I always loved design, mostly architecture, since second grade. I took a sewing class in high school and I loved it. I made clothes for myself because things at stores never fit me correctly and I didn’t want to look like everyone else.


Cbus Chic: What makes your designs different?

Asefa: They’re a smidge crazy. I bring in my architectural background into the selection of materials and fabrics and into the techniques of making the garments.


Cbus Chic: Where have your designs been featured?

Asefa: I have participated in many Miami University Fashion Shows. My work was featured in the Master’s Thesis Exhibition 2012 and I was featured in CMH Fashion Week 2013.


Cbus Chic: Can you tell us about your upcoming collections?

Asefa: The Avante Garde Collection in 2014 entitled, “Nomad: Wearable Environments 2” was an extension of my master’s thesis which was concerned with developing wearable environments for nomadic refugees in the Horn of Africa. I am currently developing a concept line for 2014 called “Dressed” about reconstructing the relationship between “body and clothing.” I am also developing a ready to wear line for 2014. This line will feature big bold patterns in 1940s silhouettes.


CarCacheISACbus Chic: What inspires your designs?

Asefa: For the last collection, it was inspired by cultures from all over the world such as nomadic groups in the horn of Africa, japanese culture and design, and english quirkiness. My architectural background can be seen in the selection of materials: wood veneer, Dupont Tyvek, felt and in techniques: folding, tiling, etc


Cbus Chic: Who do you design for?

Asefa: I design for young professional women who have an artistic side and want to stand out from the crowd.


Cbus Chic: How much are your designs?

Asefa: Custom pieces start at $250. Ready-to-wear ranges from $85-$350. Look for some pieces at boutiques in the Short North in the beginning of 2014. Trunk shows and open houses at the studio are slated for early 2014 as well. Look for announcements on the website.


Cbus Chic: Any shows coming up that our readers should know about?

Asefa: I have two shows in the works at the beginning of 2014. I’ll post more information on the website when it becomes available.


Check out the collection and learn more here.



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