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Spotlight: Kasual Life

Two Columbus natives become the ultimate best friend bloggers by taking the 614 restaurant scene by storm with their foodie finds and local spotlights.

Kathy and Sophia – best friends born and raised in Columbus – began their blog and YouTube channel in 2013 as a way to share health, beauty, food, and lifestyle ideas. The duo’s blog, Kasual Life, is now a creative outlet for the two best friends. It includes recipes, fun food ideas for social gatherings, and restaurant suggestions.


During their time together at The Ohio State University, Kathy and Sophia often wandered into new restaurants and cafes around Columbus. The girls’ time exploring the city together influenced their desire to narrow the blog’s focus on local companies and as they call it, “yummy food spots.” 


“We love sharing places to eat and putting the spotlight on local brands and companies,” Kathy and Sophia say. Adding, “we believe that everyone has different experiences, so we focus on a positive-only blog with quality pictures.” 


But Kasual Life isn’t just an online experience. Kathy and Sophia also use Kasual Life to successfully give back to the community through their annual social event: Blogsgiving. Blogsgiving is a Thanksgiving-esque event where the duo invite other local bloggers to gather and connect, all while donating money and canned goods to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank.


To get ideas on tasty places to eat in Columbus, follow Kathy & Sophia on Instagram: @KasualLife and check out their blog by visiting them online at


Click here to get a look at some photos our Local Cbus Editor snapped while attending Blogsgiving 2015. 


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